What's the BIOS and why it's important?

As our world becomes more connected, cyber-attacks are targeting client device firmware and hardware with increasing frequency and sophistication. This means your BIOS is under threat. The BIOS runs before your OS starts up and controls the flow of data to your OS and all other devices connected. Why attack the BIOS?

Persistence: Firmware resides in a nonvolatile memory on the circuit board and can’t be removed simply by erasing the hard drive.

• Control: Firmware executes at the highest privilege level—outside of the OS domain—which enables the possibility of OS independent malware.

• Stealth: Firmware occupies a region of memory that is completely inaccessible to the operating system and system software; since it can’t be scanned by antivirus it may never be detected.

• Difficulty of recovery: All these aspects make it extremely difficult to recover from this type of infection without resulting down time and a potential system board replacement.

HP Sure Start for AMD

HP Sure Start for AMD is HP’s unique and groundbreaking approach to provide advanced firmware protection and resiliency to HP PCs. The features of HP Sure Start: HP core platform firmware authenticity enforcement and tamper protection, Firmware health monitoring and compliance, Security Controller, Self-healing—Automatic repair of HP BIOS and HP firmware corruption, BIOS setting protection, and Secure boot keys protection

The Benefits of Sure Start for AMD

• Uninterrupted productivity—HP Sure Start for AMD maintains business continuity in the event of an attack or accidental corruption by eliminating downtime waiting for an IT/Service event.

• Lower cost—HP Sure Start for AMD’s ability to recover automatically reduces calls to the IT Help Desk and enhances productivity, which ultimately helps lower the maintenance cost for the platform.

• Peace of mind—HP Sure Start for AMD has multiple security features that run across a wide variety of software and hardware platforms.