I am a woman,I am a CEO in a man-dominated wine industry

Angie An has engaged in the wine industry for more than 10 years. Before starting her business on her own, she have accumulated experience in customer service as a sommelier, sales and marketer. Though the wine industry is a man dominated field, she decided to start business venture on her own. From retailing, marketing, website establishing, she did it step by step.

Q: What's the biggest difficulty as you started up your business?

A: The biggest difficulty is I have to wear many hats which from task to task. I have to be able to be an accountant then switching to shipping, packaging, and marketing.

There is one study that actually shows that people don't start being really productive at anything until you doing it for an hour. So when I am switching counseling back and forth, customer service, mail, whatever I have to do, it takes longer to get everything done.

Q: Changing your role from a employee to a boss, how do you adjust your attitude when you are tackling with things you don't like ?

A: The company is like my kid. I don't really like all the things I have to do but because it is something I passion about, I will try to do it. And the funny things is that is not difficult at all, especially I am passion about it and watch it grow. I feel more and more comfortable when I am doing it.

Q: What would you suggest if other women want to run a business on her own?

A: I do recommend, first of all, reading a lot. Reading the right book. Get books that teach you how to run a small business and how to plan your finance correctly.

Robert Yazaki and Tony Robbins is really good on helping get your head straight like getting the right attitude to continue to be your own boss.

In addition to that, especially for the female, I think it is more important to get a mentor. It is really lucky being here in silicon valley where a lot of strong, smart and powerful female leader you could definitely try to network and know more and have them become your mentor and learn from them.

And the most importantly, and the very end. I think you need to just start doing it.

After you start act on it, as I said, read books, you see how the people done it before and how they did it, and how they become successful trying not to make the same mistake.

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Understanding every section in wine industry, Angie started her business providing best service with customers. With The Court of Master Sommeliers, her first step is to serve Asian, Chinese-speaking community in the United States. However, as time is ready, she said"start marketing English-speaking market is either way".

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Wan-Ting Chang

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