The Handsome Hustlers


Austin Jeremy Fernandez born in Brooklyn, New York on September 3rd, 1997. He is of Dominican descent, raised in Sunset Park in East New York. At the young age of 14, music became his escape. Also known by his stage name AjayMula, in which got the name Ajay because that’s what his mother called him since a child and also his first and middle name (Austin Jeremy, AJ). In addition the name “Mula“ came later on when he was out there in the streets getting it however he can. Before writing music he was a Deejay (DJ AJAY) and focused on that for about 2 years. Austin has been paving his musical path at an early age. Influenced by some of the greats of our era, his sound is true to who he is and original. French Montana and Chinx Drugz are 2 idols that Austin looks up to the most. He relates to their music and to them as well. Music is what Austin always had a passion for. It allows him to express himself and to make music for the people that can relate. He wants people to respect his music. Wanting to create his own routes and different style in the music industry. During Austin’s first high school years he was always around others that rap and he would beat box for the crowd to start off a cypher. Took his music seriously at the end of his sophomore year. Eppy one of his friends, influenced Austin to rap. They would always be together and write music, which he also pushed him to do better and to not give up. Austin always had a thing for music since a child and a vision of making it big in the music industry. He is one of the three members of the Hip Hop group "The Handsome Hustlers". Went from recording on voice notes on an iPhone until he ran into one of his cousins “Robin Cepeda”, also a musical artist that’s in a Spanish group called “El Duo Perfecto”. Before running into Robin, he had trouble trying to find a studio to record in, but that all stopped as soon as Robin introduced AjayMula to a producer in the Bronx known as “Mizter Tokka “. Ever since then, he’s been recording music for over a year and has dropped multiple songs. In the following years coming he wants to become a big artist, have a supportive fan base, create his own label (Hustle Family Records) & sign to a major label to continue to success.


Darren Suriel is an upcoming artist also known by stage name “Flako” member of ‘The Handsome Hustlers’ group, born on May 11th 1999 in Brooklyn. Grew up in the neighborhood of Sunset Park and raised in Marine Park. He and his family lived in a basement during his first childhood years, after that they had moved from Sunset Park since too much violence was occurring in the neiborhood he lived in. His childhood plays a big role in his creation of music. Darren grew up playing many instruments and in the 4th grade was in the class of chorus in the school of P.S. 94 the Henry Longfellow. Not only was he in chorus, he was also into dancing and participated in many dance shows at P.S. 94. Darren was always into music since a child and began writing some of his first rhymes when he was about 11-12 years of age. During his childhood he always looked up to Fabolous, which is his idol. He started listening to Fabolous at the age of 6, when he had a game called “Fight Night Round 2“ which included a song named “Tit 4 Tat featuring Pharrell Williams”. Ever since he loved the sounding of the Hip-Hop/Rap music. Fabolous and Darren’s family as well influenced him to make music, Darren and his family where always around music. He and his mother would always have a conversation about music when they had the chance to talk. She would mention how she loved the Hip Hop from back in the days and some artists she would listen to, such as KRS-One, Chubb Rock, Rakim, Public Enemy & much more. When Darren realized he wanted to make music, Fabolous was one of the many artists that made him come to that decision. His first song ever written was “Did It All “which was him as a Solo Artist but before recording the track, he had showed what he had wrote to two of his cousins. After showing the two cousins known as “AjayMula” & “Marcelo”, they liked what he did and they decided to write something to it. Ever Since then they created the group called “The Handsome Hustlers.” Before going to the studio, he always recorded on the voice memos of his IPhone with his two cousins. They’ll play a beat on the speakers or on a TV and recorded from one of the phones. Music is Darren’s passion and he does it because he loves doing it. Making music puts him into an ecstatic mood it’s a part of his being and who he is. Darren feels like you can communicate through it and to him music is bigger than just the sounding, it’s a kind of art to him. He took his music seriously at the age of 15 as soon as he found a studio to record in and started making music. Now he has multiple songs out and dropped two mix-tapes (“Hustle Handsomely “& “Hustlers Ambition “). Darren now known as Flako is looking forward to becoming a successful and big artist. Also making new music and to sign a major deal to continue to make good music together.


Brandon Iglesias is an upcoming recording artist also known by stage name “Marcelo” member of ‘The Handsome Hustlers’ group, born and raised in Brownsville, New York, on June 29th, 1999. He is of Dominican descent. Throughout his teenage years he was told countless amount of times that he resembled his grandfather, that’s how the infamous name Marcelo came to be. Music has played a large role in his life since a toddler. Brandon’s younger days were always spent playing instruments. At the age of 12, being inspired by Rap artist like Fabolous, Nas, Jay Z and Biggie Smalls. So music was the route Brando took, rapping was always fun and games to him until the talent was recognized and he took it seriously at his freshman year of high school. At 17 years of age Brandon started his creative ways of writing rhymes. He would always rap over beats and freestyle with friends and cousins on the weekends to practice. On weekdays Brandon made a routine to work on his rhymes to get better, during his years in high school, him and friends would go down to the lunchroom and make beats on the table to start kicking rhymes to. Everybody in the table had to rap while another would make beats. Marcelo started off recording his raps on voice notes as a kid until he had enough money to save up for studio time. Brandon now also known as Marcelo has multiple songs out and dropped two mix-tapes (“Hustle Handsomely “& “Hustlers Ambition “). Marcelo is looking forward to becoming a successful and big artist. Also making new music and to sign a major deal to continue to make good music together.

AJAYMULA (left) - FLAKO (center) - MARCELO (right)

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