With Spring in full swing, we want to make sure you're ready for this final stretch of the school year. What better time than now to introduce character education into your curriculum? Check out Healthy Relationships, our newest offering for middle and high school students.

Hard to believe, but summer vacation will also be here soon. We’re excited to officially unveil our newest course, Summer Slugger, designed to combat the summer slide for 4th & 5th graders. Check out details and learn how to get access for your school below.

Finally, in the spirit of Innovate, our featured video highlights how one Minnesota teacher creatively brought Hockey Scholar to life, no ice required.

No matter which critical skills you’re integrating into your classroom, we’re here to help you finish the school year strong. Good luck in this final stretch!

-Your EverFi Schools Team

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Healthy Relationships | Certified Teacher Program | Summer Slugger

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Today’s students face a complex, deeply interconnected world. As educators, we know that our students cannot rely on purely academic skills to be successful in life. They also need to have a solid understanding of who they are and how to navigate relationships with family, friends, teachers, dating partners, and more.

The best time to build these skills is when the influence of external factors, such as peers and the media, is especially strong. During their early adolescent years, students will encounter challenging or confusing social situations on a daily basis.

Healthy Relationships is an innovative digital course that uses evidence-based strategies to educate students on how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships during their critical middle and high school years. Topics include:

Managing Emotions: Students learn how to read others’ emotions and how to effectively understand, manage, and express their own emotions.

Stepping In: Students learn how to cultivate healthy relationships and how to recognize and intervene in unhealthy ones.

Healthy Relationships is available to schools in Canada at no cost thanks to our partners. Login to your teacher dashboard and add it by clicking on +Additional Courses.

EverFi Certified Teacher Program Application Open

Due to overwhelming demand, we will be launching a second cohort of the EverFi Certified Teacher Program this April. If you’ve been waiting to implement EverFi until after testing season, this is a great time to apply.

  • Application window open 3/29 - 4/10
  • Acceptance emails sent out 4/17
  • Program runs 4/17 - 6/16 (flexible implementation means you can earn the micro-credential at any time during this window)


Summer break is just around the corner! While this is a great time for students to relax and unwind, it’s also a time when the skills they spent the last school year building can begin to fade away.

That’s why we developed Summer Slugger, a digital resource designed to combat the “summer slide” for 4th & 5th graders.

With the support of Major League Baseball, Summer Slugger is now available to a limited number of elementary schools across the U.S. and Canada. To request access for your school, fill out the form here.


Harriet Sanford

President & CEO of The NEA Foundation

We recently sat down with Harriet Sanford to hear about her impressive 40-year career in education, and her current work supporting public teachers and students through the NEA Foundation.

What encouragement would you give teachers who are working to integrate critical skills education into their classrooms?

My key piece of advice to educators, no matter what or whom they teach, is almost always the same: It takes “fierce” to battle your own self-doubt when you are the only one who seems to know that “good enough” is just not good enough for your students. Excellence is what you are after, and you are not going to let anything or anyone stand between your students and excellence. Bring “fierce” to the table every time. Be gentle, kind and caring with your students, but be fierce about their education.


At Valley Middle School of STEM, students jump at any opportunity to use technology during class time. Watch as Special Education Teacher Elizabeth creatively integrates a digital lesson from Hockey Scholar into a hands-on classroom experiment involving pucks, a hockey stick and angles.

Want to use Hockey Scholar STEM lessons in your classroom? Login to your teacher dashboard and click +Create Class to set up access for your students.


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