My pregnancy journal By khloe eldridge

Dear journal,

Baby's name : Christain-Blake

Fathers names:Ethan

Fathers age: 17

My age: 16

Father is very supportive

I'm in year ten

He is in year eleven

Get spotting which is implantation bleeding which is the fertilised egg attaching to the lining of the uterus

Cramping morning sickness which is throwing up in the morning due to the baby and crazy hormones

Cravings which is wanting to eat certain things over other things

Sometimes Start to be discussed by food you enjoy

Constipated which is needing to poo but u can't

Mood swings which is you are feeling happy then the next minute you're mad

Dizzy which means that you are either light headed faint also known as a headache

Body temperature rising when marked ovulation

Heartburn is commen during pregnancy due to the weight on you're stomach and chest

Frequently need to urinate because of the babies wieght on the bladder

Very extreme sense of smell

Frustrated angry sad also caused by hormones also known as mood swings

In denial

Anxious meaning nervous about for e.g worrying about the birth of the baby or if something might go wrong

Shocked when you find out you're pregnant and wasn't expecting it

Excited that you're pregnant or you have been trying for months even years and you're finally pregnant

Scared about what you're parents might think if you're at a young age

Guilty that you my not be able to look after the baby if you're having financial crisis

Nervous because you're unsure if you will be a good parent

And at six ultra sound to find out the due date and have a blood tests

Antenatal card with your information a Down syndrome test at 8 weeks

12-13 weeks expected date you get two dates they ate expected and due date use the due date

Second trimester Start to get a baby bump

Put on weight because the baby is growing

18-20 weeks have another ultra sound to see how the baby is growing and find out the sex of the baby

Hormonal moods rise

Swelling ankles

Back pain

Sensitive gums

Leg cramps

Lower abdominal pain

Varicose veins

Memory loss( baby brain)


Sex drive ( hyperactive sexual hormones )


See your local gp every four weeks

25 weeks test done for gestational diabetes ( glucose water )

Take a blood sample

Book to see a midwife and book into a hospital

Go over your birthing plan with your partner and your midwife

18-20 weeks check baby's developing organs measure the baby

How much amniotic around the baby

Hard to sleep during the night

Sleep on your side

Baby puts weight on the bladder so you need to urinate often

Birthing classes

Preparing for your baby

Baby shower

Measure the size of ur stomach and listen to the baby's heart beat to see if everything is ok

Check blood pressure weight height


Bracston hicks

Stretch mark

Some times you pee yourself

3rd trimester

Weight baring on your back


Baby moves a lot before the birth of the baby

The baby's eyes are open but can not see

Can open and close its hand

Can feel touch and hear

It has finger nails toe nails and hair

It slightly start breathing on its own in the womb

Pack hospital bag to get to the hospital with all you're cloths for the birth of the baby

Drowsy because of contractions in the night which keeps you up night

Birth of the baby

Has to go head first or have a cesarean if something goes wrong

Inner thigh pain spreading down legs

Contractions are short and far apart

Then closer to the birth of the baby the contractions are longer more painful and close together


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