Antoine Griezmann His new JOURNEY

Issue: Antoine Griezmann wants to come to manchester united but his couch Diego Simeone wants him to stay and help out his team. Also some of Griezmann friends and national teammates are on that team and playing well.
The good side is that some people believe that he should leave and go to the team he wants to go to. I would understand why hey would want to leave his team. he hasn't been playing well this season and some of his friends, old teammates, and national teammates are at Manchester United.
now the bad thing is that if he leaves maybe is team might be bad without him. Also Griezmann's coach, Diego Simeone does not want him to leave his team. another thing, some people that are a big fans of Griezmann don't want him to leave and stay to help out his current team.
Facts about Antoine Griezmann: Griezmann was born on the 21st of march in 1991. He was born in Macon,France. Griezmann's First club was Real Sociedad. The manger at that time In 2009 was Martin Lasarte And the coach now for Real Sociedad was Eusebio Sacristan.
What side are you on? Should he go to Manchester united or stay on his current team, athletico Madrid?
For me I Believe that it's better for Antoine Griezmann to go to the club he wants to go to instead of his couch trying to convince him not to leave. Plus he would probably be happier to go to a club where he has national teammates and some really good friends. One of Antoine Griezmann's good friends he always hangs out with is Paul Pogba who also just transferred to Manchester United and his national teammate Anthony martial.
1. do you think if griesmann will retire if he stays on athletico Madrid? 2. Do you think if he transfer to Manchester untied will he be happier. 3. If griezmann left do you think his team won't play well without him?
Thank you!!!

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