The ABC's of Culture peter joseph maggio

A-Art and Literature

starry night- vincent van gogh
a quote by famous American poet Maya Angelou


the White House is in Washington D.C.
World Trade Center One

C-Communication and Transportation

iPhones are a major source of Communication in the USA
Cars and other motorized vehicles are sources of transportation


Gucci makes high end clothing that many Americans wear
Nike poses a cheaper cost of clothing with high comfort that many Americans also wear


The New York Stock Exchange accounts for much of America's economy.
America's workforce also highly impacts the economy

F- Family

This is my family
Here is another picture of my family

G- Government

Many of America's Government decisions are made in the Capitol Building
The Supreme Court is a large part of US Government

H- History

The Civil war was a large part in making America what it is Today
The revolutionary war was a large part of American history as well


this photo is iconic because everyone who is old enough to know are remember the tragic events of 9/11 know what these 2 lasers symbolize
the Lincoln Memorial is iconic because every american (almost) know what the huge sculpture/statue symbolizes


Many jobs in the USA revolve around technology and computers
Many jobs in America are like so, as they the jobs nobody else are wiling to do and have to get done.



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