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Adobe Spark is an amazing tool for students and teachers that can be used in the classroom. Adobe Spark encourages creativity through digital storytelling which encourages students to engage with the materials they’re presented with, while enhancing their development of critical thinking and digital literacy skills. Digital stories also help encourage student creativity in their assignments by giving them the freedom to explore and use their imagination. It lets them utilize a more holistic approach and find ways to bring their thoughts, ideas, and words to life.

Some examples of how Adobe Spark can be used in the classroom are:

  • Classroom Signs and Posters
  • Flash Cards
  • Book Covers
  • Book Reports
  • Virtual or Online Journals
  • Site Word Proficiency
  • Story Telling
  • Creative storytelling
  • Essays and Written Assignments
  • Science Fair Presentations
  • Speech and language play
  • Narrative prompts
  • Rhyming games
  • Playing with shapes and colors
  • Second language acquisition
  • Story starters
  • Class reports and blogs
  • Trip reports
  • Student portfolios
  • Classroom newsletters
  • Athletics announcements
  • Game updates
  • School reports

Depending on the grade level or subject area where Adobe Spark is being used, you can easily create an activity and then modify it to fit the most current learning goals in place for your students.

Adobe Spark has 3 different formats - Spark Post, Spark Video, and Spark Page. There are different uses for each format, but the minute you start creating, you'll discover there's no limit to what you can do with Adobe Spark, and it's really exciting when you can combine all 3 formats in a Spark Post, or 2 of them in a Spark Video!

Spark Post

Spark Post enables you to create stunning graphics in seconds. Start by remixing a design from the Inspiration Wall, or start from scratch to create a truly unique masterpiece. Either way, add an image, provide text, and then beautiful typography will be applied on-the-fly. Transform your creation by applying design filters with a single tap. Each tap gives you completely new layouts, color palettes, typography styles, and photo filters - no design experience required. When you’re done, save your creation, print it, or share it with teachers, classmates, family and friends.

Announcements, Learning Aids, Quotes, and more...

Adorn your classroom walls with student ideas, questions, quotes, and more. Spark Post is primarily intended for creating images and lots of teachers are finding that it's a quick and fun tool for combining images and text to create beautiful printed signage.

Flashcards and Assignments

Create your own custom flashcards for maths, science, reading.... health, you pick, then print them out and give them to your students, OR have them create their own. Studies show the more involved a student is in their learning the more they retain the information and can apply the knowledge and skills learned later.

Students can create a Post with a fun fact about themselves as a guessing game for classmates related to the topic or the most current lesson.

Have student create a project that's more involved by having them provide pictures and text about the subject or topic you're currently covering in class.

Spark Video

With Adobe Spark Video, you and your students can create videos in just a few minutes using themes and music. Presenting a report, explaining a concept in class, or telling a personal story has never been easier. Starting with a blank slate, or using gentle prompts as a guide, teachers and students use Spark Video to talk through their story one line at a time. Easily combine images, video clips and icons into a shareable movie that is both fun and beautiful. Select a design theme and supporting music. Add text, music and your own voice to personalize the video then just tap play and view it on any device or browser. When you're finished, share with friends, family, and the world.

Lesson Plans, Unit Overview, Visual/Audio Examples

You can use Spark Video to record lesson plans, provide unit overviews or examples that need more than written direction. What's great is that the final version is a sharable URL so no more worrying about the file size, and it's set up so it can be viewed on a desktop, tablet OR phone; reaching your students where they already are. Check out the links below for some great examples of using Spark Video in the classroom.

Assignment Instructions Example

Assignment Instructions Example

Math Abbreviation Example

Student Assignments, Presentations, and Storytelling

Book Report Example

Language Assignment Example

Student Field Trip Presentation Example

Story Telling Example

Spark Page

Spark Page turns stories into modern, professional, attention-grabbing web pages. With Page, teachers and students can bring words, images and videos together in fun ways, turning essays, assignments, reports, and more into engaging visual stories.

Play with a variety of layouts, add text, use your own photos, (or pick from thousands of free online images with appropriate filtering applied), then simply tap on one of the professional themes to add beautiful fonts and magazine-style design & motion to transforms the story. The end result is a modern, responsive web page that looks great on any device and any size screen.

Reports, Essays, and Research Papers Examples
Assignment Directions and Unit Overviews Examples
Class Presentations Example
On-going Assignments and Journals Example

The impact of using a beautifully created Adobe Spark Page when completing an assignment or journal, is so much bigger than pen and paper ever could be!

Have your students do their journaling or any on-going assignments with Spark Page. It gives them the ability connect with what they are learning in ways they wouldn't get when doing assignments the traditional way. Spark Page encourages students to think outside of the box and get creative when associating images with the course work and projects, and incorporates problem solving when the solution is not evident. In addition it keeps everything in one place and prevents it from getting destroyed or lost!

Websites, Blogs, Creative Projects, & so much more...


Adobe Spark provides a way to create fun, polished, eye-catching materials that engages students in a quick and easy way. It allows teachers and students to turn ideas into beautiful graphics, web stories, and video presentations with apps accessible from anywhere and on any device with a web browser.


  • Adobe Spark for Education is available at no additional cost for education institutions. It comes with extra features that usually cost £10.01/month per user. With Adobe Spark for Education students can collaborate on a project and much more.
  • Adobe Spark for Education is available to all ages
  • Students and teachers can use existing logins. No additional accounts to manage or passwords to forget.
  • Your school manages and controls Spark access and data.

Getting started with Adobe Spark for Education isn’t quite as simple as creating a personal Adobe Spark account. We need to ensure that things are configured correctly to get accounts integrated and keep students safe. LGfL will help your school to get set up with the Adobe Admin Console and Adobe experts are there to help as well. Please go to LGfL website to learn how to get started!

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