Sexism In The Media By: nazish khan

Ad for American cookware company, Madison Avenue.

This advertisement for this cookware company has a message that reinforces sexism because the text that is written is devaluing women by implying that cooking and being objectified is their only role in society. The message being shown will only make people think in a backwards way and can never help gain equity for women all across the world. The ad was made by a company that believes that women will reply well to this because it is “traditional values” and that if people ignore “hairy legged feminists” research has said that women would love their expected role in society as being an object for men and not doing anything for themselves. Ads like these will only affect people and the way they think about women in a negative way because seeing this in the media will only make people think what they see, and what they see is an image that is telling people women's roles in society is only to cook and be objects for men in the bedroom.

Advertisement for cookware company, Kenwood.

In this advertisement for the electric mixer being shown, the text shows a very sexist message stating that wives are only made to cook. This objectifies women and reinforces sexism because it can make people think that the message is true and that women are made to cook and not do anything else but stay in the kitchen. This advertisement will give people the idea that women are not made for anything but men and do serve men with all their needs. Advertisements like this only make people think backwards and can hold back women from doing anything because society and their beliefs are highly affected by what is shown in the media.

Advertisement for a booklet.

In this advertisement for this booklet it is showing that all men should know the skills of how to turn their wives into their slaves, this demeans and devalues women and will teach people that women are only good and made to serve their husbands no matter what he says or how much he disrespects her and treats her as if she's a slave. This will affect both genders on how they view each other and will give people the wrong idea and won't help with equality between both genders. These advertisements teach society old values and beliefs people had that should change and should teach people the opposite.

Current state of sexism in the world

The current state of sexism in the world is that is still exists and no matter what people do to change it, it will always be something that is real and cannot change because of the way some people are brought up and what they value and believe and also what society teaches people. In first world countries that are more developed than others sexism is something people acknowledge and teach others about but in other places certain genders aren't equal to others. Although countries like American and Canada are aware about sexism, it still exists, for example these ads shown above are all American, America may be aware about sexism but in these advertisements it shows no progress on how people view women in the modern day. Women are typically the gender that faces sexism and inequality because of what culture and religions influence people to believe. In countries where people don’t believe in equality it is harder for women or men to express their feelings towards it because of what society believes is normal and what ideals and gender roles they have in place and also the fact that many people don’t like change and enjoy being the more dominant gender it becomes harder for people to stand up what they believe in because they might not have the support of others because often times people are scared to make a change because they may be judged or deemed wrong for doing so.

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