Nail technician/ Makeup Artist by Kendall Heagy

I have chosen to research a career as a makeup artist and a nail technician. These careers interests me because they are 2 little components of being a cosmetologist.
The nature of work for a makeup artist is to prepare actors for the stage by doing their makeup: they do makeup for models, performers, and also men and women for weddings. The Nail technicians clean, shape, and polish fingernails and toe nails. they groom cuticles, apply cream to hands and feet, and also apply artificial nails.
A makeup artist's working conditions can be indoors or outdoors with many locations as for a nail technician they are usually in one location seated at a table. With a nail technician their working area needs to be well ventilated because of all the chemicals that are being put in the air because you are primarily working on one spot. A make up artist rarely sits and have a tight budget unless you have a client that gives you really good tips.
A nail technition and make up artist dont have a proper attire but thire are specific things that will attach to your pants or skirt so you need to think about what would be best for your job.
A makeup artist does not need and certificate or licensing but you do need secondary training. As a nail technician you must have a high school diploma and some sort of secondary training.
a makeup artist makes $50-$1,000 a day you can see that being a makeup artist has a wide range of possibilities for one day's earning. As a nail technician you make 14,470_21,095+ per week this is a huge range of money that you can make.
Thire is plenty of room for advancements for a nail technician but not for a make up artist.With a nail technician they can advance into compititions with the best nails, best themes,exc.
As a makeup artist you can find oppertunities increasing in the film and telavison industries but with the nail technician it is a muti-billion buissness has been growing rapidly for years.
related jobs for a makeup artist can be photography or tatoo artist because your still creating artwork and for a nail technician you can be a hand model.
This job is half accurate because I want to be a cosmetologist and to be a cosmetologist you need to be able to do make up and nails.

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