Motte and bailey castles by Demi Leigh

In 1066 the Normans had won the battle of hasting Harold Saxon was in the battle of hasting and he got shot in the eye with an arrow goodly Amed right to Harolds eye and he died.So the normans took over England and built over 500

Castle building

The first castles built in early Middle Ages were earthworks.first the motte and bailey castles were built out of wood and replaced with stone .


Arrow loops are for shooting arrows thru the arrow loops and aming at enimies.when they don't know.Draw bridges could be pulled up and down when ever the Normans want to stop atakkers .Round towers was harder for people to attak.Moats atakkers were easy to shoot whilst swimming in the moat.


Keeps are for if England or enimies come to attak normans sprint up to the keep. they take sheeps and cows so they don't starve . Normans use keeps for keeping there stuff so no one els reatches it .

Every day life

The lord and his guests engoyment however also well provided for in Norman castles.The food was mostly important .Normans had to make food and slay animals. They kept them in the bailey.


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