PERSONAL RESILIENCE: What it means to you and your organisation A management course offered exclusively by the CORP Academy, providing unique 1-2-1 support for each candidate

Clarity around our definition of personal resilience is critical as it will shape our thinking and approach, and will govern how we engage.

When considering personal resilience, we are also, and perhaps inevitably, needing to confirm our position regarding the basic role that people play within the organisation, and the tools and techniques we wish to employ in analysing personal resilience and describing its relationship with resilience at an organisational level.

This webinar course is now Institute Approved, providing professional recognition for our learning content and approach to leadership development. This allows successful candidates to enjoy the additional benefits of full membership status and access to award-winning learning resources from one of the UK's largest institute bodies - the Institute of Learning and Management. In turn, this offers candidates access to the post nominals MInstLM.

Following independent verification, this Academy course has been awarded Institute Approved status, meaning that successful candidates satisfy the requirements for full membership of the institute, which in turn, offers the post nominals MInstLM.

The course seeks to confirm a definition of resilience but does so both at a personal and organisational level and by emphasising the similarities which exist between the two. By reference to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the course also explores the link between wellbeing and organisational performance, advice on how to model or conceptualise personal resilience and the notion that individuals, in common with organisations, can be exposed in unique ways during a crisis event. The course also takes a closer look at the organisation’s willingness to learn, which is one of the fundamental behaviours defining resilience performance and one which until recently has been exclusively a very human endeavour.

This webinar course, presented exclusively by the CORP™️ Academy, forms part of an extensive range of learning programmes specifically designed to support practitioners and to provide them with a clear development pathway. The course seeks to provide practitioners with answers to the following questions: What are the elements of personal resilience we should be focused on; How do these elements contribute to our understanding and application of organisational resilience: How will the relationship between personal and organisational resilience change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

This webinar-based course presents personal resilience by using a progressive and holistic definition, and by doing so practitioners will able to counter the view that personal resilience is simply a reflection of an individual’s reaction to stress events, an ability to withstand negative forces or persistence at a particular task.

The CORP™️ Academy continues to lead the way in applied resilience thinking, and provides access to leading-edge resources and recognised management qualifications. The Academy has been awarded Institute Approved status for a number of its leadership courses and programmes - a kite-mark of quality from one of the UK’s leading management institutes. Programme accreditation offers significant benefits to candidates and provides endorsement of the Academy's approach to learning and development and of the material provided.

Not only does the PERSONAL RESILIENCE course offer the opportunity for participants to raise specific points of interest and to engage on the subject with a group of like-minded professionals, it is offered with a FREE 1-2-1 workshop session - a unique opportunity for each candidate to discuss and work through specific, local issues outside of the webinar environment.

Additionally, each participant receives a FREE copy of The Relevance of Personal Resilience, which is one of several manuals published during 2020 as part of The Complete Post-Pandemic Resilience Toolkit series.

Individuals who boast resilience, just like the organisations within which they work, will be able to demonstrate strength and evidence growth, and reshape to secure a competitive position.

Course Programme

Defining resilience at both a personal and organisational level, pre and post-pandemic

Making the connection with other management topics, such as ethics and compliance

Understanding the importance of learning and explaining the links with organisational performance

Demonstrating how resilience capability can be measured and assessed at a personal level

Exploring how individuals can be exposed by crisis events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic

Introducing personal and professional development pathways for practitioners, from entry-level to the boardroom

1-2-1 candidate workshops as a means of discussing and working-through local issues and challenges

Graham has 30 years’ international experience in management, training and consultancy roles, covering manufacturing, telecoms, transport and energy sectors. This includes work assignments in the US and Middle East and leadership roles within a FTSE top 25 company. He ran his first public training course over 20 years ago.

Graham is the author of The Organizational Resilience Handbook, published by Kogan Page, and The Complete Post-Pandemic Resilience Toolkit series of manuals. He is the founder of the CORP™️ Academy and leads the Certified Organisational Resilience Practitioner programme.

A Fellow of the Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security (ISRS) at UCL and also of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM), Graham is a member of the BSI Committee (CAR/001/01) tasked with the revision of BS 65000 Guidance on Organizational Resilience.