Amazing Asia Come visit us

Asia is a very interesting place. There is a lot of history in Asia. But what's even better is the land in Asia

First we have the Himalayas and Everest

The Himalayas are 24,000 feet tall.

Starts in Tibet and goes 1,500 until it reaches the connection point between China, Pakistan, and India.

Everest is taller than 21 Empire State buildings piled on one another

So tall that it sometimes blows climbers off the top because it may penetrate the jet stream of 747 Boeing jumbo jets

Why would you miss the opportunity to see the tallest mountain and one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world.

Now we have the plateau of Tibet

Has a nickname such as the roof of the world

Is known for the largest tropical glaciological area in the world

The Tibetan Plateau is home to an huge number of glaciers

The Tibetan Plateau is built from fragments of continents

Why wouldn't you want to visit a place with the name, Roof of the world.

Now we have the takilmakan desert

The surface of the Takla Makan is made of alluvial deposits as several hundred feet thick.

Such diverse features is a result of the complex wind conditions of the basin.

On the edge of the desert, semipermanent, clustered sand dunes Reside

The Takla Makan’s climate is moderately warm

It is so "hot" there. Visit this totally lit place.

Now is the gobi desert

Large dusty desert area bordering Mongolia.

Sandstorms in the spring are violent.

One of the least populated areas in China

Extreme summers

It's very hot here to. But why wouldn't you wan to feel the sand in between your toes in a warm place like the Gobi.

Next is the north china plains

Most of the rivers flow across the plain on elevated beds

the national capital, is located on the northwest edge of the plain

since earliest times, it has been a major focus of Chinese Culture

The plain is bordered on the north by the Yan Mountains.

Who wouldn't want to visit these beautiful rolling plains

This is the Huang He river

Second longest river in the world

The world's muddiest river

Supplies water to 155 million people

So much sediment flows into the river that it looks like chocolate milk

Come visit the "chocolate" lake

This is the Yangtze river

The upper course of the Yangtze flows across the Plateau of Tibet

This part of its course lies in the higher regions of the Tibetan highlands.

The river’s character changes sharply upon reaching the eastern limits.

Near the end of the upstream part of its course, the Yangtze descends to an elevation

2nd to last is the Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal occupies an area of about 839,000 square miles

The bay is about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) wide, with an average depth of more than 8,500 feet. The maximum depth is 15,400 feet.

The Bay of Bengal is bordered to the north by a wide continental shelf that narrows to the south and by slopes of varying gradient on the northwest.

November through April there is a continental high-pressure system north of the bay

Look at the beauty of this vast ocean bay

Last is the Dead Sea

Is made of mostly salt

Is the deepest part in the world

The Jordan River, from which the Dead Sea receives nearly all its water.

The Dead Sea has the lowest elevation and is the lowest body of water.

Collect some salt from the "saltiest" place on earth

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