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INTRODUCTION by Avery Jacob “Dom don’t need no introduction.” That’s what I thought in this blustering sort of way when he asked me to write the intro to his book. Bluster was the shell though. Underneath that, there was this realization that I didn’t even have the words to say! He does though. He always does. To call him a wordsmith wouldn’t even do him justice. He uses his words with sincerity and with so much empathy and heart, that they can move one to tears. I’ve experienced it myself. From the moment we became a writing duo he’s been able to take ideas and turn them into poetry in a way that leaves me floors me. Everything he has to say is incredibly sincere, thoughtful and sound. It comes from wisdom, pain, and love over all. I get the opportunity to write music with him, but he has so much more to say, so much more to give and it’s all in HIS words. The words that he uses better than any artist ever could. I still remember the moment we started writing together, I got the opportunity to hear him use his words in ways that I was still trying to myself. I realized then that I was experiencing greatness. Now you all get to experience what I’ve gotten to for these past few years! The Giant who still sees us eye to eye and tells us everything that we need to hear. That’s my brother, and this is his view, in his own words! Ave.

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Melanin Muse is The debut best selling poetry collection from Dominique Gordon

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"This book brings back poetry for me. It is beautiful simply breathtaking, calming, inspiring and just a good read. I love poerty...some of the greats we know....Langston....Emily D......Robert Frost...Maya Angelou..... This young author is making his way. I am overall thrilled with my purchase." -Amazon Review from Keri
Dominique Gordon (also pictured, the one and only Avery Jacob during the duo’s co-venture based out of Denver, CO entitled Stonewall BLVD)
"An absolutely beautiful and poignant look in to the mind of a true wordsmith. I highly recommend picking this up." Amazon Review from Jacob
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I lost a brother and a friend I thought I’d never care again I thought the pain would never end Until we meet again I wish that car had never crashed And as I look into the past I wish I’d been better friend I’m sorry this all had to end I contemplated suicide But I knew deep down inside I didn’t want to I just had to survive And I still mourn the loss of you Though you wouldn’t want me too So Ima live this life for you, Ima live this life for you I’ll pray, I’ll pray for you

Melanin Muse Now Available


The first time we kissed I swear you made life worth living made me feel complete as if nothing was missing everyday was new everyday was beginning one for one, heart for heart the last time we kissed I swear you sucked my soul from my being now I meander in the cold wondering if I’m still thinking what made you this way why’s your soul unforgiving breaking hearts and keeping the shards and as your demons disperse in the still night I doubt you know what a dream even feels like you’re the personification of real life the only wound I hold on to the still knife.

Melanin Muse Now Available


I wish that it wasn’t all so real, Even though none of it happened, Conversations I thought I had never occurred, Flipped out on friends and family it was pretty absurd, God talked to me I didn’t say a word, The devil talked too so the lines were blurred, I’m trying to be normal I swear, I’m tryna be the old Dom living life without a care, But real shit happened and it wasn’t very fair, Wish I could pop an E pill or blow chronic in the air, I have to take accountability now for all of my actions, Can blame it on drugs and alcohol if I start snapping, I’m tryna be normal but I just got weirder, Maybe meditation would make me think clearer, I’m scared one day I’ma look in the mirror, And see the demon inside of me, My biggest fear is going back to how it was when it happened, So I pray every night hoping one day I’ll believe again, Wish I could be a regular person but that’s not gonna happen, But who I am now is who I’ve always been.

Melanin Muse Now Available

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