Pollution in The Gulf of Mexico By: Christie ranelli

The Gulf of Mexico is being polluted by 31 different states. The main reason that happens is that the Mississippi river. So many people live along the river and they throw trash into the river . After that the river pushes 4.5 million gallons of trash and water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pollution is caused by many different things. First of all the trash that people throw into the Mississippi. The second reason is there is many oil rigs along the coast and actully in the gulf the spill regularly. Also the chemicals that farmers use on their crops.

Effects on the Wildlife!

The pollution manily effects the animals in the gulf and around that area. The oil dirtys up the water that the animals drink and the fish and other animals live in. The six ring coke container holders strangle animals so they are unable to move and breath and will eventually die.

Pollution can be stopped!

You shouldnt worry to much. The pollution can be stopped! People that work in oil companys are trying to figure out how to prevent oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. They are also trying to figure out how to clean up oil spills with out harming the animals. So eventually pollution can be stopped!

Causes of the Pollution!

Many chemicals flow into the Mississippi and a lot of waste then as the river keeps on going it picks up trash, oil and feritlizer. Vibiro is one of the many pathogenic micro organisms. There are many others such as alexandrium and fundyense which can cause red tides which prevent aquatic life to thrive. There is untold volumes of leaked oil and gas in the undersea Mississippi canyon. They are caused by manmade oil spills, natural leaks nad seeps they drill highly toxic chemicals by the oil and gas industry.

Careful Please!

So from this point on you should NOT litter . What happens could effects us long trem. So be really carful when you throw trash into a feild or out of you car window. Please dont do that be careful of where you are puting you trash.


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