Mississauga 2.0 by: Sriya mannem

Hey, I'm Sriya Mannem a Transportation manager from Mississauga. During the many years Mississauga has been around Mississauga has expanded outwards forcing many people to use transportation in their everyday lives. In Mississauga many forms of transportation are used, mostly car though. Which isn't very sustainable for the environment. In this web page I'm going to discuss about what transportation issues/ problems exist in Mississauga, how is the situation unsustainable towards the environment, and propose different ways to make transportation in Mississauga more sustainable.

Different forms of transportation in Mississauga. Transportation in the photo includes subway, cars and other motorized vehicles, and the bus.

What transportation issues exist in Mississauga?

In Mississauga there are transportation issues which contributes to an unsustainable environment in Mississauga. The public transportation system is not the best. It is slow and has many delays which encourages people to use their cars and other motorized vehicles instead. Today the average family in Mississauga owns more than one car. This is a problem because not only does more than one car per family produces more pollution which then lead to an unsustainable environment, it also creates more transportation challenges such as traffic. There has already been many request and demands for better roads and highways in Mississauga due to the lack of people not using the transit, subway, and other public transportation systems. But as the population grows this problem will become even more severe.

How is the situation unsustainable in Mississauga?

The lack of people not using public transportation systems is very unsustainable to the environment of Mississauga. As the population growth rate of Mississauga continues to grow and more cars and motorized vehicles are being used on a regular basis the environment of Mississauga will not be able to sustain its natural balance and will continue to be unstable because of the amount of pollution and traffic. As the situation continues the following factors will occur/ continue to occur poor air quality, increase of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, more energy consumption, continuous/ increase of traffic and traffic congestions, and more noise due to traffic. All of these factors contribute to an unsustainable environment in Mississauga.

Too many people using car and other motorized vehicles creates traffic and pollution which makes a unsustainable environment in Mississauga.

How do I propose to make Mississauga more sustainable?

Mississauga 2015 Mi Way Map/ Mississauga 2020 Mi Way Map "Draft"

As the population continues to grow transportation mangers like me must find ways to encourage people to use public transportation systems instead of using their cars. Many people use their cars to get around because of the unreliable public transit. To fix this problem me and Mi Way propose a new transit route which has been designed to offer more frequent reliable service. This new route travels along many side streets and the heart of Mississauga. Although it requires some passengers to walk a little bit more to get to their destination. This transit is faster and has fewer delays. Hopefully these improvement encourages many people to use the public transit instead of their car on a daily basis.


In conclusion hopefully these improvements of the public transit encourages people to use the transit/ other ways of transportation that are sustainable for the environment. As the population grows hopefully many people make the switch of using the public transit in their everyday lives instead of using cars, to create a more sustainable environment in Mississauga.


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