Good Life Tour of the Harn Jacquelyn Switzer

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

An art work that I saw in the Harn that I was attracted to was the Shayara by Michal Rovner from Israeli. I found the technique of this artist to be striking because of the colors and the picture itself was in motion like a video. The piece communicated to me a type of movement which made me think of a journey or migration that a group of people might make. This art made me feel vulnerable as if the people were being watched from afar.

Design of the Museum

I found this particular spot in the museum most appealing because of the lighting and its set up with all of the beautiful and colorful potteries. I loved how each pottery had its own unique look. Also each pottery was arranged in a perfectly set place, not too close or not too far apart.

Art and Core Values

In this picture it looks like a home disaster that happened. It makes me cherish the roof over my head and not take what I have for granted because people out there lose homes every day or even worse not have a home. It gives me fear to even think to undergo such a horrible situation.

Art and the Good Life

In my opinion I feel as Frida is looking like she's living the good life. Looking at the painting brings me into a mind set of calmness, relaxation, and careless. The way she's leaned up against the table calmly looking out into the distance shows she's in some type of good life. Looking at this picture makes me cherish ever good moment to the fullest.

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