My life or some of it at least... By Harry Bodsworth

France 2015

lets start in 2015 summer because why not and i'm making it and I get to decide so yeah!!!

Right so I was 12 and Me and my Sisters, Brother, Cousins, Mum, Dad, Aunties, Uncles, Nan and Granddad went to France on holiday I don't exactly remember were but i'll add a widget later but this will do for now.(don't let future me forget.)

We were there for 2 weeks so we stayed in a villa. for the first couple of days we just got to know all of the places near and went shopping for food (yum yum) on about the 3rd day we went out for dinner and my Nan and Granddad dropped the news on us that we were going to Disney land (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)

But that was in about 5 days so we had some time to kill.... so we went into town the next day and we found a fairly big river which kind of made the banks like a beach. we went down and discovered a canoeing place were you could hire a canoe and row it on the river, but i got a cayac as well as Toby and Megan, but I got board of rowing so I latched on to the canoe. Then Megan rated me out and i got drenched so I waited she got close enough and then i stiked


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