She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall Written by: Misty Bernall

Cassie Bernall was a victim in the famous Columbine High School shooting. She was shot because when asked by her killer, Eric Harris, if she believed in god, she relplied "yes." She was fatally shot in the head following her reply.
Though it may look like it, Cassie Bernall did not have a perfect life. She and her friends Mike and Mona rebelled and were quickly caught. Her mom found letters by her friend Mona which expressed her homicidal thoughts, and quickly put a stop to their friendship
The attempt to keep the girls apart was to no avail, so Misty Bernall decided to pull Cassie out of her current, public high school into a strict Catholic private high school.
Cassie had trouble adjusting to the new school but befriended a girl named Jamie who would change her life forever. Jamie invited Cassie to a church retreat in the woods and after much negotiation between her and her parents, Cassie was allowed to attend
Cassie's life changed for the better on that trip. She left a sad girl who sulked and wanted to go back to her old friends, but left a happy bright eyes girl who wanted the world. She found a connection with god and was in awe of how amazing and life changing his practices are. She became in love with her religion and through that, she found a way out of her rebellious past.
After a while at the Catholic High School, she wanted to convince her parents to let her attend the public high school- Columbine. After a lot of negotiation they allowed her to attend which ultimately resulted in her death.
Cassie learned to adjust and quickly made new friends. She was described by her friends as kind to everyone and an optimistic person overall. Then the dreadful day of April 20, 1999 came and shocked the whole town
2 students at the school, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, opened fire at the school in the early morning hours. They allegedly found Cassie hiding under a table in the library praying. When the two Jewish boys came to her they asked if she believed in Jesus. The frightened seventeen year old paused for a brief moment before confidently saying yes. This angered the gun men causing them to shoot her in the head
Cassie, along with the 12 others killed, were deeply missed by the whole community. A tragedy such as this one has affected people across the globe. Columbine may have occurred 18 years ago, but the affects will last a lifetime.

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