The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Anthony Carpin

The spatial experience

When trying to locate the theatre at first, I was surprised to find out that it was actually inside the Reitz Union. I have walked past the Constans Theatre upon multiple occasions and have never realize the actual capacity and size of the theatre. Walking into the theatre, I expected it to be quite small, only to find out that it was actually quite expansive; almost too big as only the first few rows were filled and the back half of the theatre was empty. Being that the theatre was so empty I became skeptical as took our seats; in my opinion, the theatre was a little too big. We were seated in the front right of the theatre, which enhanced the play itself as we were up close and personal with the actors and actresses. They came right up to our seats making it feel as if we were almost in the play itself. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I was excited to see what was in store and I didn't really know what to expect as a few friends had mixed reviews of the play. As the play began, the set, actors and actresses, and lighting became prominent and the play was quite interesting and entertaining.,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNFbEYnUuUUfxu_ErREkUm4-zEIzdw&ust=1486356296884099

The Social experience

I attended The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt, with a few friends. In the picture above, my friend Travis, who gave me consent to use his picture, and I are out in front of the Constans Theatre before the play. Attending with friends enhanced the experience by providing a sense of comfort and entertainment through the whole process of the play. In order to get ready, we all met up and did a few quick read-ups on what the play was actually about and where the location of the play was as well. It is important to go through certain experiences with friends as these could be the memories that are prominent for the rest of their lives. Sharing experiences with friends is also important for yourself, as it can be a good learning experience paired with a bit of fun with good people.

The Cultural and intellectual experience

The play takes place in December 1905 in Quebec City and the central issue or theme presented throughout the play was Moral and Ethical Obligations. Each character faced multiple moral and ethical decisions that he/she needed to make. Take, for example, Talbot who stole the silverware for his family and must deal with his own shame of victimization to protect not only himself, but his family. Ultimately, the truth becomes prominent and the question behind the matter always relates back to whats the correct moral and ethical decision even in hard times. The truth will be revealed, but if one rely's on ethics and morals, facing the consequences will be extensively less. Seeing the truth behind the matter, this play opened my eyes to the fact that taking the correct moral path, even with hard decisions, will always lead to the best outcome. This is the case because everything is transparent as opposed to hidden. This allows for a sense of security and immunity to bad unethical decisions to be a prominent factor in a persons life. This could personally relate to my life, and many other students' life, when it comes to homework or projects. The ethical and moral thing to do is to genuinely put in the time and effort and get the work done as opposed to cheating and getting it from someone else per-say. The point is to not take the easy way out of situations, as this could lead to serious consequences in the long run. Rather relying on good moral decisions is the key to having not only a successful career as a student, but for life there after.

The emotional experience

I must agree with the Dr. Pagans statements about theatre brings about topics that can be quite uncomfortable in multiple political, societal, and even religious ways. Take, for example, Michaud as he must cover up his love for theatre in order to protect his place within the church. Michaud is faced with a decision that he must make, one that he decides to cover up because of his very own job within the church. Rather he puts on two fronts, one for Sarah Bernhardt and one for the church, in which neither of them remain or reveal his true character. This decision to rebound from one personality to the next, hiding his true character, is ultimately what lead him to the consequences he faced, when in reality if he came clean, or Katharsis, this would've never been a problem in the first place. In the end, transparency between both parties is what is needed in order to remain true to ones character and identity.


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