Forever My Love Lynsey Macer

Wedding rings slowly fall and spin from the top of the frame to off the screen, surrounded by floating red rose petals against a black background.
Close up of the rings as they are scaled up slightly, appearing closer to the front of the frame.
A larger rose petal obscures the rest of the screen with "Katie Jennings" rota-scoped onto it. As it falls the next scene is revealed.
A woman's silhouette stands in front of a wall, her shadow projected onto it as the camera slowly pans.
The camera pans to reveal some smoke which begins to fill the screen and the camera continue to pan and zoom slightly.
As the smoke fills the entire screen Lillian Harps name fades into it in a "smoke-like" type face. before fading away.
The camera begins to pan again revealing the silhouette of a man smoking.
The two silhouettes from the previous scene are posed with there guns pointed to one another moving slightly with the camera pan. In front of them some basic roses spin slowly in front of them and the red background.
A gunshot sounds and the background colour changed to black as blood begins to drip from the roses.
A bullet slowly turns to reveal the name of the film "Forever My Love"

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