The Equal and Opposite Unconscious Society Chapter 1: "Thrins"

Thought is a sensation.

And just like smell is not who you are, neither is a thought. Thought is a sense that sends data to your subconscious. Thought is not superior or even more intelligent than taste or hearing. Thoughts (including all opinions, judgments, fears, etc.) being sensations instead of identity allows the freedom to ignore preconceptions and predictions. We can let them come and go as we walk we may find new paths and incidental learning. New paths will create new thoughts. Letting go of thought as identity is a strong strategy for growth.

We aim to exist within practical surrealism. Everyone is the artist and the canvas. Realism is the status quo. It is the safe decisions of conscious thought. “It must look real,” is to say you are sure what is real. “It must look surreal” is to say you may not know what is real. In an environment where what is real is often defined by thought-predators who will spend millions to have you believe you need a certain toothbrush, we truly believe the surrealist perspective is vital to an authentic human experience.

The subconscious automatically assess threats for us. It is beautiful. Intelligent predators will manufacture threats. This is an attempt at deception and reality distortion. They are the threat above all threats. We call them “Threat Spinners,” or Thrins.

We want to look at an advertisement and think “what are the Thrins up to here?” We want to feel depressed and know it is because we have been manipulated. That we were made to believe we are not safe unless we align and behave with “correct belief” that has been imposed by the predatory nature of Thrins.

The subconscious is a power one cannot fathom but can realize more of over time. The subconscious is more “you” than the mere sensation of consciousness and thoughts. Consciousness serves information to the subconscious to process in order to keep you safe and effective. Thoughts are sensory reaction to stimulus. For all intents and purposes, thought is no different than the feeling of wind blowing across your skin. It is information for the unconscious.

The unconscious gets stirred by new patterns and information: any stimulus that interrupts expectation. Modernity requires intentional interruptions of the subconscious.

The Equal and Opposite Unconscious Society is that disruption.

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Created By
Jeffrey Bartlett

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