TheHolocaust By: Isabella Padilla

The death march lasted from January 30, 1933 to May 9, 1945. About 6 million Jews were killed and over 500,000 other people from other races were also killed. Poland was where most of its population got killed by the German Army.

Adolfos Hitler was the leader of the German Army . He ordered his army to kill all the Jews and any people that got in there way. He saw the Jews as un pure, so he thought that they should live in this earth anymore. Hitler later killed himself after the Holocaust was over.

The Death March was one of the biggest events that happened during the Holocaust. It form 1944 to 1945. They would gather Jews from all over and make the march to a Concentration camp in Auschwitz. They would march barefoot in the middle of a harsh winter. There toes would fall off due to frostbite. They would get beat and receive very little food.


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