Throughout the Years Varex Imaging

Despite the young age of Varex Imaging, we have a long history. Before Varex Imaging, we were Varian Medical Systems. Prior to Varian Medical Systems, we were Varian Associates. However, it all began with Eimac Products manufacturing high-quality, high-power transmitter tubes back in the 1930s.

Browse through and see Varex Imaging throughout the years and where it all began.

The original Varian team (from left) Russell Varian, Sigurd Varian, Marvin Chodorow, Dorothy Varian, Richard Leonard, Esther Salisbury, Edward Ginzton, Fred Salisbury, Dow Snow, and Myrl Stearns.
Russell and Sigurd Varian with a Klystron.

Glass Beading Operation

The glass beading operation still performed today.

Eimac Products

Trade Shows

Trade shows now. Picture was taken at RSNA 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

Attaching leads to glass stems

Pinch press machine

Manufacturing Operations Facilities Then

Eimac manufacturing operations were relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah, after receiving a large military contract in 1941.

Headquarter Facilities Today

Today, Varex Imaging headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah in the same spot Eimac manufacturing operations was back in the 1940s.

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