The Black Death By Jacob Shine

The Black Death was a European disease and by far one of the worst in the history books. The picture above is a doctor during this time who tried to help People who had the bubonic plague. The doctors during this time wore these clothes for protection and as you know the doctors in present day do that too but their masks were kind of weird and intimidating. Their masks were filled with herbs and drugs because they thought that the air was filled with the disease.

This video shows what the disease came from and how it spread. If it wasn't for the fleas and rats this probably wouldn't have happened but as otherwise they had no idea how this disease was spreading. The doctors were no help and it's not like they had antibiotics or drugs that they know helps with the disease. The Bubonic Plague known as the worst plague in history.

How did the plague end you ask well there is one more video for that.

Was the video interesting or weird decause I thought it was awesome. As you see in the video people were extremely desperate to stay alive. People even went to the pope or preacher for that matter which was completely useless in helping of the cure but I'm sure they helped them calm down. The Black Death (Bubonic Plague) worst plague in history.

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