All the Bright Places Published January 6th 2015

Jennifer Niven- the author has been writing full time sense 2000. She came up with the idea for All The Bright Places from her own life experiences. She lived the loss and love just like in her book.


This story starts of in Rural Indiana at Bartlett High School. Starting at the school tower, where violet and finch are both contemplating suicide but they ends up saving each other. Then later in the story we see violet and finch travel around on there wanderings for a school project.

Theodore Finch

Most of his friends call him Finch. All of the kids at his school call him a freak and make fun of him. There is a few bunch of his friends that understand him and see him for the amazing person he is. Finch is very fascinated with death and has been dealing with bipolar disorder the best he can. He tries to downplay it and doesn't want people to worry.

Violet Markey

Violet is a very special girl to anyone who has known her. She daily suffers with the loss of her sister Eleanor and feels like her death is her fault. She's depressed about a lot of things and only a few people can see this like Finch. Violet and Finch have a relationship that you would not except when you start the story.

An Amazing Story

I have never read anything like this before. My best friend recommenced this book to me and i am so glad she did. Its changed my view on things like depression and that life is precious. A book has never really made me cry like this before.

The writing style

I Liked:The story is written where every chapter or so it changes from Violet's to Finch's viewpoint. Its cool to actually see what the other character is thinking about. It made the book very interesting.

I Didn't Like: I have never read anything like this book before so i didn't dislike anything about her writing style, I very much enjoyed it.

About the story

I Liked: I typically don't read books like this, i mostly read comics so i was happily surprised when i fell in love with the characters and the beautiful story. No other story has really emotionally moved me like this before.

I Didn't Like: In most stories there are things that happen that you just wish went another way. But that is just how it is you can't change it. I may not have liked some of the things that happens but it was written beautifully and I appreciated it.

Literary Elements

This story showed me things like the importance of life and that mental illness is not a joke.

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