Students enjoy first day of ASB-run talent show May 5 at Palo Alto High School

Above: Senior Corwin Grably-Shager performs on the piano to a crowd of students gathered on the Quad. Grably-Shager said he has been teaching himself to play piano for the last two years.

“[I played] a piece I made on my own. I didn’t feel all that anxious. Nothing is motivating me to come [to school] so I figured I might as well do the talent show because I play piano all day.” — Corwin Grably-Shager, senior
Seniors Jonathan Sneh and Rein Vaska compete in a game of spikeball against seniors Simon Blanch and Lesha Seletskiy.
Senior Stephen Lee and junior Yuvin Kwon face off in an impromptu arm wrestling match. Lee, who defeated Kwon, arm wrestled with Kwon in hopes of getting revenge. “I went to the gym one time and he [Kwon] smoked me, he destroyed me,” Lee said. “And then I was like, ‘I need to get my honor back.’”
Sophomores Bennett Hardy and Sam Kaplinsky attack each other with pool noodles as part of their comedy jousting act. “They say I won the match,” Hardy said. “Sam's not happy about that, but I think I won.”
"I just wanted to do some fun stuff at Paly because COVID, and people are bored, and I was bored too." — Bennett Hardy, sophomore
Parent Teacher Student Association volunteers hand out bags of cookies to students for Cookies on the Quad, which has been taking place about once a month since students returned to campus.