Midterm Portfolio Malena DePaolis

DESCRIBE: The flowers shown are in midst bloom, but some still look like they a just starting to bud. The main focus is the bloomed flower, but it looks out of focus. The object that seems to be the most in focus part of the flower would be the flower petal between the two buds. ANALYZE: The usage of color throughout the photo really helps to pull the readers eyes to the bloomed flowers. The green in the grass and buds, the brown of the brick and the blue of the windows really help the pale pink of the petals to stand out in the flower. The flower in the photo is dominant taking up more than half of the bottom helping to avoid empty space. Layered look is definitely a key factor in this photo, from the flower to the buds to wall in the background there is many different layers throughout the piece. Get close is also featured in this photo because the photographer put the camera right up to the flower and got rid of any unnecessary details in the background. INTERPRET: The many different patterns, textures and colors creates a sense of beauty and grace to the viewer. The photo definitely outlines the graceful beauty of nature. EVALUATE: The photo has such a realistic quality about it. From the blooming of the flowers and to the weather in the background the photo comes alive through imitationalism. The colors and serenity creates a feeling of grace and beauty making a emotionalism a major quality throughout it.
DESCRIBE: In the photo a two high schooler's are sitting on a railroad track in the middle of the woods. The girl on top has moved her head to hide the second girl's head. On the main girl's arm there is some type of writing that looks like a tattoo. The two girl's look to be spread out onto the railroad track with one on top of the other with their bodies facing at an angle way from the camera. ANALYZE: The photograph uses various tones of grey and blacks to create a mood of despair and loneliness. The photo's has its perspective to make the viewer feel like the girl is looking straight at them. is also another type of composition point used in the photo. Offish and reduce it down are both composition points used in the photograph. It's offish because the girls at the bottom help to create balance, and also it uses a little bit of rule of thirds because they are not exactly centered in the photo. INTERPRET: By using the grey and black tones the photo gives the viewer a feel of loneliness and despair. The photo definitely feels lonely because they girl's are sitting in the middle of an abandoned forest. EVALUATE: The photograph definitely has realistic qualities throughout it such as, the appearances and positions of the two girl's. What makes the photo succeed though is the emotion it creates when you view it. As you look at the photograph you get a feeling of loneliness and despair, and the longer you look at it the more you understand the feeling the photo is portraying.
DESCRIBE: This photo has many key points going on inside it. The main photo is a self-portrait of what looks to be like a girl with portraits inside her. The girl has pictures of a cat, a women's rights protest, Rosie the riveter and the background is a LGBTQ flag. The girl has a smug smile on her face and seems to be looking away from the camera. ANALYZE: The photo uses the get close composition because it is right up on the girl and it also use the make every inch count composition. The photo uses a wide variety of colors that helps to pull your attention to every inch of it. The background is a rainbow of colors, get the metaphor.....lol, and inside the girl there are blues, blacks, reds, yellows, and navies. INTERPRET: The photos inside the girl really help to give a sense of independence, leadership, and courage. From the photos inside the girl to the photo of the girl herself, the viewer gets a feeling of empowerment. From the multi-exposure the viewer is able to tell that the girl's personality is very strong, and independent. EVALUATE: Emotionalism is one of the qualities that helps to make this photo great, the photo creates an emotional connection between itself and the viewer through the sense of color, and independence (especially if you are a women).
This piece was created by McKenzie Martin. DESCRIBE: The piece features a portrait of a girl that seems to have been sliced in half from the mouth up. Inside the slice the photographer has placed stretched out gum. The photo features the girl from the top of the chest up and the background is a teal blue. ANALYZE: Get Close is a major composition point because the photographer has gotten right up next to the subject to capture the photo. The photographer has also gotten rid of any unnecessary space in the background taking advantage of the Make Every Inch Count composition factor. It could also be argued that the photographer used leading lines because the gum helps connect the two pieces of the head leading the viewer to the top of the photograph. INTERPRET: From the use of gum, to the sliced head I think the photographer is trying to tell the message that we are all full of s***. The gum has taken the place of the brain which can be inferred that the photographer doesn't think very highly of the human brain. Evaluate: The way the gum is placed and the emotion in the subjects face create a feeling of realism. Formalism is what classifies this photo as great. From the use of composition (leading lines, get close, every inch count) to the creativity and metaphor of using stretched out gum this photo is all around a great one.
The piece placed before you was created by Olivia Samuelson. DESCRIBE: Two high school girls are seen doing a handshake at school. Th girls movements and parts of their bodies are grouped into what looks to be Polaroids. All the Polaroids fit to create a single picture. ANALYZE: the photo uses three primary colors: pink, white, and black. The photographer almost used the composition technique called Think Inside The Box. It could be argued that it is Think Inside The Box because the movements and parts of the people are framed by the Polaroids. INTERPRET: The way the girls have been placed (completing a handshake) and the color tones that the photographer used create a playful, lively mood. The photo looks to be set up to tell the viewers that we all still embrace are inner child. As a kid all you do is play around and learn handshakes with your best friends, and in this photograph the photographer was able to capture the sweet innocence of they're inner child. EVALUATE: The photographer succeeded with this photograph because the colors create a playfulness (emotionalism) and the handshake and movement of the girl's creating a realistic action in the photograph (imitationalism).

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