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Why are the meal plans not efficient?

The reason why the Meal Plans at the World Famous Bean are not efficient is because majority of the students do not use all of their days or swipes and are paying a big amount of money for food they are not consuming due to the fact that the food is not always that good.

what are some solutions?

  1. Change the food to something more appetizing.
  2. Lower the price of the meal plans we have
  3. Make more choices for meal plans instead of only having 2-3

current meal plans.

For First year students: There are two meal plans, All access 7 day($2,728 per semester) or All access 5 day($2,521 per semester) with $400 Bean Bucks each.

For Second year students : There are three meal plans, All access 7 day($2,728 per semester) ; All access 5 day($2,521 per semester), or Gold 10 ($1,949 per semester) with $400 Bean Bucks each


The best solution for this issue is to give the students more meal plan options, since not every student eats the same and is spending money on a meal plan that are not using. That money could easily go towards tuition and the school could also get more data on what meal plan is more popular, and instead of getting so much dull food, they could invest in healthy options so satisfy the students. They can change the meal plans by lowering the All access to an amount of swipes (like the Gold 10) and having different plans where we can choose to have more bean bucks instead of swipes.

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