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69 BC During 69 BC a lot was happening besides the birth of cleopatra. Some of the things that occurred in 69 BC include: An ancient greek city known as Kydonia located on the island of Crete fell to Roman military forces. In Spain Gaius Julius Caesar is made a quaestor.

Cleopatra's family and rise to the thrown Cleopatra was one of Ptolemy XII's five children and her mother is presumed to be Cleopatra V. Cleopatra's father was also a direct descendant of Alexander the great. When Cleopatra was 18 she shared the thrown with her 10 year old brother Ptolemy XIII after her father passed away of natural causes. To keep up with Egyptian traditions Cleopatra and her brother married when the thrown was passed down to them.

Ptolemy XII

Cleopatra's accomplishments during her reign Cleopatra was able to reunite a torn nation, recover lost territories, such as Cyprus and Crete and improve Egypt's economical situation. She reclaimed the thrown after being exiled by her brother with the help of Roman military support. She also had formed secure alliances with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar through both political and romantic interest.

Other stuff Cleopatra was well known for her beauty, intelligence and political power. Her affair with Mark Antony also inspired a famous Shakespeare play (Antony and Cleopatra). But she was also a strong figure for the rise of feminism for ruling Egypt in such a male dominated era and proving that women can do the same job as a man without any issues. Although not commonly known Cleopatra also formed a drinking society with Mark Antony under the name of "The Inimitable Livers".

Cleopatra VII


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