My Vocab by Clint Messer

Depressed-gloomy, low spirited,or sad.The young wizard was depressed because he could not use the spell.

dat face dogh

achieved- to carry out to a successful end or to accomplish. Harry Potter has achieved the title of the boy who lived

philosopher- a person who attempts to discover and understand the basic nature and knowledge and reality. the girl was a great philosopher ( i am not talking about harmony Granger i am not talking about anything harry potter).

fashioned- to make ,shape or, form. the wand maker fashioned harry's wand.

architect- a person who designs buildings and houses.I wonder who was the architect who designed Hogwarts.

midst- in the middle. the book we need is in the midst of all those other books.

bronze- a dark yellow brown alloy of copper and tin often used for sculptures and medals . I wonder if knutts are made of bronze.

I wonder

cannon- a big gun especially one that is mounted on a base and wheels. fire the cannons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rivals- a person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another or who tries to equal or do better than another. Dumbledore and voldemort are rivals.

vs who would win

thanks for reading and for my poke-fans


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