Bullying Survey Results BY: Andrew Johnson


Hey, My name's Andrew Johnson. In my research I asked the question, where does bullying come from and why? I asked this because every less bully is another step towards a perfect society. Especially since I've had a problem with bullying too.

So I surveyed half of my google basics class as shown to see what they knew about this big topic. Most were girls and all were 7th graders. (pretty obvious)


Coming into the project I thought nobody was going to answer anything. (truthfully) I thought this because bullying is usually a personal problem. Something you don't like to talk about. But to my surprise the whole group for the most part answered fully and truthfully.


The results were astonishing! I got some great answers and great information. A few of the answers shall remain anonymous for personal reasons, but these are the ones that I'll show:

I know the top color answers aren't finished but I couldn't fix It correctly. sorry.


In the end the results turned out like I wanted. They supported the idea of the survey which is to get the story of bullying in Monroe and with this we might be a step closer to ending bullying completely in Monroe.

The next steps:

Next I'm hoping to gather more info from more people and add new questions. Once I think I've gotten enough Info I hope to present this to the school board and they can use it to help bullies and their victims.


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