The Moon's gravitational pull is what causes the tide to rise and fall

A tidal wave is a shallow water wave that is caused by gravitational interactivity between the Earth, Moon and Sun.

Tidal waves can not necessarily be stopped as we cannot stop tectonic plates. But we can reduce the amount destruction by... 1. Building high walls around city buildings and residential areas near places that are known to have tidal waves. 2. Connect alarms that would ring when atidal wave is nearing.

The town plan can also affect the amount of destruction done on the town. If the town is made in a circular shape with the front of all the houses facing eachother. When a tidal wave hits it will hit the back wall and not go through the front door.

If a tidal wave hits the land people should at least be warned a hour beforhand so they can get ready when it nears. People should also listen clearly if an warning is announced.

A tidal wave is caused by the position of the Sun, Moon and Earth and their gravitational interactivity


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