P r o g r e s s i v i s m B y : M a r k M c G e e

Trying to progress and make the country greater than it is right now is a hard process. We will be donating $600k to meat packing industry, $300k will be sent to wildlife preserves, and the child labor will receive a total $100k.

We Got The Meat!!!!

I would like to give $600k to the meat packing industry. This will help the industry develop standards so that items do not taint the meat and make it impure. Helping this place will help others not get sick and help people get more healthy meat. This will help because they are dumping unsanitary water, rats, and dirt into the meat grinder. This makes an unhealthy meat that will harm you.

Is Some Wildlife!

I will be giving away $300k to wildlife preservation. This will help preserve nature from the harms of man and save these beautiful places. These beautiful places needed to be preserved so that many people after them will be able to see these wonderful places. Many people are destroying these forests to make goods and to make more money. Most people will be able to see these forests now.


For may last donation I will be giving to child labor $100k so that they will be able to get rid of child labor. Child labor is not good at all and needs to be gone. Many children are dying from these coal mines that are dangerous. This money will be able to free some of the children.

There have been many things we have talked about. we wanted to donate money to many different things such as Wildlife Preservation, Child Labor, and the Meat Industry. These will all be helped out soon.

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