Research and Academic Skills Introduction to HE

What we will cover today:
  • HE Study Skills
  • How to use IT effectively
  • Learnzone – Modules Documents
  • Turnitin – How to submit a file
In the lecture we discussed some of the essential HE study skills needed to be successful in HE. Please use the next 20 minutes to consider these skills and your current personality traits, strengths and weaknesses and complete the SWOT Analysis on learnzone.
HE Learnzone is where you can find all of your programme content. HE learnzone is broken down into your individual modules and on these pages you can find module specific information including module specifications and assignment briefs.
15 minutes

Please use the next 15 minutes to go onto HE Learnzone and onto each of your Year One Modules and download both the module specification and assignment brief for each module. Please read through each assignment brief in order to understand what is required of you for each module. I highly recommend you noting the deadlines detailed on the assignment brief for future reference!

10 minutes

Now you have downloaded the essential module information, we will cover where you can store your work on College computers. All your work needs to be saved on your P Drive on your PC as this drive can be accessed both in college and at home via the remote desktop. You can access your P drive through the my documents folder. Please use the next 10 minutes to access your P Drive and create individual module folders. You can then save all of your module specifications and assignment briefs in these folders.

Example P-Drive
As we discussed in the lecture turnitin is the portal the College uses for students to submit their assignments. In order to submit an assignment to turnitin in you must follow these steps:
  • Locate the turnitin link on the module learnzone page
  • Click the link and select submit paper
  • Add a submission title - You should title your assignments as follows: Student ID - Module Code - Assignment Title
  • Select the file you wish to submit - Be 100% sure you have selected the correct document!
  • Tick the box which states that you are confident that the work you are submitting is your own work
  • Click add submission
This task will give you the opportunity to practice using turnitin, please download the Turnitin Task worksheet from learnzone and use the next 30 minutes to the complete and submit the task.
You should now...
  • Have a clear understanding of the range of HE study skills you will develop throughout your programme
  • Understand how to use the several different IT elements at the college including Turnitin and HE learnzone
  • Be able to use your P-Drive to support your organisation, learning and assignment development

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