My Utopia Lindsey blackie

  • everyone sees a counselor once a week mandatorily
  • no one gets sick
  • everyone is legal, no kids
  • warm all the time in the day without sunburns, and it's a bearable nice warm
  • little breezy and cool at night so no one ends up overheating
  • everyone loves everyone
  • peaceful
  • no one cares about their appearance
  • everyone is entitled to their own ideas and thoughts and can incorporate them throughout the utopia in a democratic and peaceful way.
  • yoga and therapy is free and offered 24/7
  • everyone is just born attractive
  • everyone works a job they like. everyone works less for the same wage with everything functioning as well.
  • peace sign is a symbol representing peace
  • hands being held showing love towards everyone
peace is a symbol and motto along with unity
  • food hunters and gardens with rich soil
  • water from the small waterfalls and clean streams (drinkable)
  • free netflix including all shows and movies you can think of
  • clothing would be whatever you desire, anything you can find online you can get for free because everyone in my utopia is kind and makes things for free


Created with images by MigraineAgain - "graffiti peace sign"

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