Aaron Montgomery Ward By: Alec Vanskiver

Early Years/ Biography

Industry: Retailer

  • Ward was born is February 17, 1844 in Chatham, NJ
  • Moved to Niles, Michigan at the age of 9
  • He had a large family with good income
  • His wife was named Elizabeth (Ward)
  • His rival was Sears Ricebuck
  • He died on December 7, 1913 in Chicago, IL

Character Traits

  • Energetic
  • Motivated
  • Fair

Innovative Idea

Ward's famous idea was a Mailing Catalog with 163 products in the catalog. Soon after both of Wards partners left him and he had no business partners. Later, George Robinson Thorne, his future brother-in-law, joined him in his business. Later, the catalog got the name the "Wish Book". By 1971 catalog sales of major U.S. firms exceeded more than $250 million in postal revenue.

Mailing Catalog

Famous Quote

“Had I known in 1890 how long it would take me to preserve a park for the people against their will, I doubt if I would have undertaken it.” – Aaron Montgomery Ward

Interesting Facts

  • Died at age 69
  • Bronze Bust honoring him at Chicago
  • Shoes salesmen in St. Joseph, Michigan
  • Forbes ranked him the 16th most influential businessman

Impacted my Life

I never knew who Aaron was until I got this report. I search him up and he seemed like a pretty interesting guy, until I heard his backstory which made me like him even more. He has impacted my life because he showed me how to be positive work and be fair and honest at the same time. I hope to be like him someday, not because he was a great business man but because he was a great person.

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