Admin Console A Simplified Teachers Guide - Only the stuff you need

We start off this page by seeking to understand what the Creative Cloud is. Included is a short intro to the critical software components to help you understand the functions of the Creative Cloud, how students can access it at home, and syncing that happens between devices. It's just 2 min long, if you are already familiar with Creative Cloud skip it.

You need to understand the dashboard because it controls the access to the Creative Cloud for your students. Below is a 6 min overview of the dashboard and common things for you to consider as a teacher. Watch this video first to show you how to add users, create profiles, and suggestions for our state specifically. There is a separate video for your IT Department to address their needs in more detail which can be accessed from the bottom of this page.

A form for adding students to the dashboard has been created and linked below. This form will create a CSV file that can be used for bulk user uploads. BEFORE you use the form. #1 make a copy of it. #2 Update the fields including the names of your user groups. #3 Leave short answer questions blank. Make sure to delete the date and time column from the responses.

If you have a situation in which you need to transfer student Creative Cloud files to a different login for some reason there are some resources on migrating assets below.

Additional Support is available in the enterprise dashboard. There are many support teams onboard waiting to help you which can be accessed through the dashboard. You can also schedule a 30 min expert support session by visiting the support section of the Admin Console.

Sometimes you just need a little technical support. Below is how to go about getting help. There are many was so please just reach out and lets get things resolved.

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