ELEMENT Harken design, engineering, and build quality - priced for sailors.

When developing the Element line, Harken engineers first stared at this question: How do you deliver Harken design quality at a price competitive with other “value price” products already on the market?

The answer is in the name—Element. Harken engineers stripped away everything that wasn’t a building block of durability or strength. Then they combined a proven bearing system with the strength of forged aluminum sculpted to protect the fiber-reinforced nylon sheave. The result is a contemporary, economical, and extraordinarily durable block.

Element is for all sailors, whether they’re cruising the bay, rendezvousing with friends, competing in the weeknight beer can race, or embarking on a passage-making adventure.

Our journey from question to answer was not an easy one, and each step presented a new challenge. We invite you to follow the story of Element in the videos below.

Forging a New Path

To create a unique and distinct product, Harken engineers decided a new approach was imperative. It required rejecting the status-quo methodology behind other value-priced blocks and finding a different way.

Manufacturing Reliability

Through the process of aluminum forging, we are able to offer an all-metal structure that is unmatched in strength and durability.

Reducing Cost through Design

Achieving real cost savings without compromising quality and reliability meant we needed to find efficiencies in every step of the process—from design through manufacturing.

For Sailors, by Sailors

There are countless ways to determine the ideal customer for a product. With Element, however, we began by reflecting on our own experiences in sailing, and learned that the ideal Element sailor is every sailor.

Find the Element block for your needs.

Element blocks are offered in singles, doubles, triples, fiddles and footblocks; accept line from 8 – 16 mm and come in 45, 60, and 80 mm sizes.

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