Frame and Canvas Art in Teen Fiction from Mackin Books in Bloom

Art is a powerful force. It can connect us to our past, ground us in our present, and create change in the world.

Art can be who you are.

In Crazy Messy Beautiful by Carrie Arcos, Neruda Diaz carries his sketchbook with him everywhere. He draws people--portraits are his thing; everyone says so--but mostly he draws the girls he loves. If there is anything Neruda believes in, it's love.

However, love is complicated. Much more complicated than Neruda had ever realized. This is a thoughtful story about love and friendship with art and poetry at its heart.

Art can be your connection.

For Jade in Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson, collage art has always been a way to express herself, but as she connects with African-American history, her art becomes more than self expression. It becomes a way to connect her to history and to her community.

This is an insightful look at race and privilege from the perspective of an African-American girl as she finds her voice and makes a place for herself.

Art can make your mark.

In You're Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner, Julia makes her mark in the wrong place and gets kicked out of school for it. In her defense, her graffiti was covering up someone else's graffiti that was an insult to her best friend. Still, Julia finds herself in a new school and under new rules at home. No graffiti.

But no parental rules are going to stop Julia from creating her art. This is an immersive story that may be many teens introduction to street art culture and Deaf culture.

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