Now and Then 1st Expedition, 2016

In this selection you will find students whose 1st names begin with A and B.

Thank you for visiting! The final products are listed below in alphabetical order by a student's first name. Stop and browse and enjoy. We wonder, will you learn something new like we did? The kids persevered, revised, and self- reflected to create this work. We hope you enjoy reading (and listening) to their opinions.

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Quill Pens or pencils?

Have you ever written with a quill and ink pen? I would rather write with a pencil than a quill and ink pen. I can erase with pencil, but I cannot erase with quill and ink pens. Also, it could get all over my hands and it would get my hands really, really, really dirty. I do not like getting dirty at all, and I don’t really write on the lines so what if the ink got on the table? That would not be very good, and the teacher would not be very happy. That is why I like pencils better than quill and ink pens.

By Aarya

Quill Pen and Pencil

Which one do you like best? I like quill pen. I think quill pen is fun to use. Where we hold the pen, it’s kind of smooth and I like the feel of it. Before the field experience, I had never written with a quill pen. I never knew how it looked, how it worked, or anything about it. I think it’s interesting writing with a quill pen. A pencil is not as much fun because I always use a pencil and I have used a quill pen just one time. I think quill pen is beautiful because a quill pen is a goose feather. It doesn’t have a perfect shape. I had never seen a feather like that. I also I’ve never seen a goose feather. A pencil is just plain yellow, green, and pink. I think a quill pen is better than a pencil.

By Ananya

Quill Pen and Pencil

Have you ever use a quill pen? I would rather use a pencil than a quill pen. One reason is that it is easier to write with a pencil than a quill pen. You have to dip the quill pen in the ink. My hand will get tired dipping the quill pen in the ink. You would have to dip it a lot to write a lot. Another reason is that the ink will get used up really quick. We can’t buy more ink. They didn’t have shops. It is easier to write with a pencil than a quill with ink.

By Anushka

Have you ever used a quill pen before? I would rather use a pencil than a quill pen. If the ink runs out, I don’t know where to get more ink. It’s hard to use a quill pen because you have to dip it into the ink container every time the ink runs out on the feather. Another reason it’s hard is because it’s sloppy and you can make ink puddles. When you get ink puddles it might rip up the paper. Long ago, there wasn’t a lot of paper to write on. Pencils are better because they have sharp points. When they break, you can sharpen them. That’s easier than running out of ink. You can also erase a pencil because it has an eraser. They aren’t sloppy and they don’t make puddles. So that’s why I would prefer using a pencil than a quill pen.

By Atharva

Would You Live in the Country?

I would rather live in the country than in the city. I would live at a farm because I like animals. My favorite farm animals are horses, ducks, chickens, cows, and pigs. I would also have a dog and some cats. I would feed all of the animals. I would see the wild horses run in the fields. I would ride the horses that I have at my farm! I wouldn’t ride the wild horses because maybe they don’t like it. I would like to live in the country so I could have a farm.

By Breanna

Have you ever written with with a quill ink pen? I would rather write with a pencil then a quill ink pen. Let me tell you why pencils are better. If I had to use a quill pen, I would get really messy if the ink gets all over my hands. It’s wet and dirty. It would also get messy on the page. When we were going to our Expedition field experience, I got to use a quill pen. I’m not good at writing with quill ink pens. The page got giant blobs of ink on it. It was frustrating. I wanted to get another piece of paper. Pencils are better because they have erasers and you can just erase it. You can write really light with pencil so then it’s easier to erase mistakes. Would you rather write with a pencil or quill ink pen? I still think I would rather write with a pencil.

By Brianna

We hope you enjoyed reading and listening to our stories, and seeing our high quality artwork. Feel free to look at the other three pages!

We hope that you see evidence of perseverance in our work.


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