Popular Sovereignty is idea that power of government comes from the people. As preamble. "We the people" wrote the Constitution. That peoples are main source of government power. Without people, government have limited power.

Limited power is idea that government have limit power. As an example Article I section 9 and Article III section 1. Power denied to congress. That sentence mean Congress will control power of government, which means government will have limited power. It helps to control country and government in balance. The judges both of the supreme and inferior. That sentence means judge will judge everyone by justice.

Separation of Power is idea that divide power between government of country and states. For example Article III section 2 and Article II section 1. The judicial shall extend to all cases, in law and equity. That mean justice work for everyone. Each government will judge each person by law, no matter to his position in life. Which mean justice work even for government and congress. Vested in President. That mean president cant follow his own things.

Federalism is idea that system of government share power with sates. As example Article I section 10 and Article I section 10. No state shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance of Confederation. That sentence means that each state can unite into alliance. They cant combine power into one. Each state should have own power from government. Article I section 10 talks about government should united and makes some alliance.

Checks and Balances is idea about balance between government and congress. For example Article IV section 4 and Article I section 2 .Government should care each state. Which means government from United States must help and control each state. That helps to keep balance in states. House of Representative can impeach president. Which means they keep government in balance, because they have power.

Representative Government is idea that person or something present government. As example Article II section 1 and Article I section 3. Election of president. Peoples vote for new president, which is present government. That person will control country and present choice of peoples. The Senate of United shall be composed of two senators from each state. That mean this person will be present state.

1)Why is vote so important for election of president ?

2)Why is important Article I section 3

3) Why Government have limited power ?

4) What is main idea of Checks and Balance ?

5)Why you think Election of President is important or not ?

6)What is definition or similar word for Federalism ?


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