"I love a bit of Small Business Brand Photography…"

"What’s that?" I hear you say…

Personal Brand Photography is a private photography session which focusses on the client, their business and their character. You could almost classify this as a Business Lifestyle Session.

If you’re anything like me and you want to see the person behind the product, then this may be for you and your business. I want to show off the person who runs it and the excellent service that their small business has to offer.

I like to get people in their favourite environment, and Anne from New Leaf Hypnotherapy said that she liked to walk her dog Maggie…a lot!

This made my ears prick up, but not as much as Maggies’ who promptly jumped up into the middle of our Zoom Consultation, haha!! I was sold!!!!

Ann wanted her new photographs for her website which is being updated as I type by those clever guys at Fertile Frog.

The next stage of my Personal Brand Photography session was to show how Ann worked. After that, we went on to colour co-ordination and an awesome “shareable mind map’ which I designed for our Zoom session. I knew exactly where I was going to do my photography, and that was in a place that was local to both of us.

Also in our Zoom Meeting we went over:

  • What kind of images my client Ann wanted
  • Where are the images going to be used
  • Personal details and goals
  • My clients ideal client
  • My clients business details
  • What clothes to wear, hairdresser, manicure etc

"If you want a photoshoot to ooze authenticity, it's best to go over every detail, it's what I have already been doing for years as a Wedding Photographer. Every shoot has to be individual, because that's what we all are at the end of the day!"

"Small Business Personal Brand Photography in my humble opinion need to convey warmth, trust and a connection to the audience. Great imagery helps your brand and your position as a business. If you use happy-snap-mobile-pics, you could do your business a serious disservice. Food for thought..."

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

The great thing about personal brand sessions with Nancy Lisa Barrett Photography is that the images can be used for all your Social Media platforms and in different sizes and formats as shown below in the example.

Off white border and partly opaque business name and various images
Grey borders and business name in the middle
Quadruple set of images and the blue colour sampled from the medical bust
Sized for a Facebook Cover Photo
Sized for a Twitter header

So…..who needs Brand Photography:

  • Hairdressers
  • Florists
  • Make-Up-Artists
  • Other Photographers (yes it’s true)
  • Models
  • Musicians
  • A Start Up Business
  • Fitness Gurus

What can Brand Photography be used for:

  • Events
  • New Product or Service
  • New Website
  • Behind the scenes
  • Collaborations with another business
  • Upcoming Launch Party

Location for Brand Photography:

  • Office or studio
  • Home
  • Rented hotel room/office/boardroom
  • Gym studio
  • Natural environment like woods, by the river, night time city centre

What shall I wear for a Brand Photography session

  • Casual
  • Seasonal
  • Special Occasion
  • Creative
  • Client meeting

If you or someone else you know is interested in Brand Photography for their business, then please get in touch below:

TEL: 07921864470

EMAIL: lisa.barrett31@gmail.com

Created By
Nancy Phillips


All photography and write up by Nancy Lisa Phillips @ Nancy Lisa Barrett Photography