New York City ARTH 591 | USD | Julie Ellingson

DAY 1: Cathedral of St. John the Devine, Riverside Church, The Armory Show, VOLTA NY, and Brooklyn Museum.

Cathedral of St. John the Devine

Construction on the cathedral was begun with the laying of the cornerstone on December 27, 1892, St. John's Day, when Bishop Henry Potter hit the stone three times with a mallet and said "Other foundation can no man lay, than that is laid which is Jesus Christ." The first services were held in the crypt, under the crossing in 1899.

The walls were built around eight massive 130-ton, 50-foot (15 m) granite columns, each turned as one piece,[8] sourced from Vinalhaven, Maine and said to be the largest in the world. The columns, which were transported to New York on a specially constructed barge towed by the large steam tug Clara Clarita, took more than a year to install.
Impressive metalwork gates highlight the entrance to multiple chapels and galleries.
WILLIAM JOHNSTON & EIKO OTAKE - "Tomioka Fishing Port" 2014
WILLIAM JOHNSTON & EIKO OTAKE - "A Body In Fukushima" 2014
JANICE GORDON - "The Open Heart Series" 2014
JANICE GORDON - "Bird Watch" 2014
FREDERICKA FOSTER - "Second Sighting" - 1999
EMMA LINDSTROM - "Deiiy-ha I" - 2016
EMMA LINDSTROM - "Deiiy-ha II" - 2016
EMMA LINDSTROM - "Deiiy-ha III" - 2016
“The Life of Christ” was Keith Haring‘s last work before his death. There are at nine versions of this triptych, cast in bronze and covered in white gold, one of which is located in St. John the Divine’s The National AIDS Memorial.
HEIDI LOENING - "Mary and Jesus" - 2013
Saint John the Divine claims to be the largest Cathedral in the world. Additionally, it possesses the largest rose window in the United States. The window, which is the fifth largest in the world, was constructed out of 10,000 pieces of stained glass.
TOM OTTERNESS - "Life & Death" - 2015

Riverside Church

Located on the Upper West Side, the exterior is modeled after the 13th Century gothic cathedral in Chartres, France. The Riverside Church is situated at one of the highest points of New York City, overlooking the Hudson River and 122nd Street.

The Armory Show - Curated by Eric Shiner

TAVIN TURK - "Flat Tyre" 2013 (painted bronze)
YOAN CAPOTE - "Yoan Capote" 1977
PATRICK JACOBS - "Double Fairy Ring with Dandelions" 2012
RACHELL LEE HOVNANNIAN - "White Narcissus Panel Mice & Flowers " 2017
NABIL NAHAS - "Untitled" 2017
KIM TAEHO - "Internal Rhythm" 2017
ANISH KAPOOR - "Mirror (Pink to Mipa 5 Blue)" 2016
ROBERT MELEE - "Substitution" 2014
LENARDO DREW - "Wood" 2016
MARTIN SOTO CLIMEN - "A Cold Blast from Warm Memories" 2017
ANILA QAYYUM AGHA - "Crossing Boundaries" 2017

YAYOI KUSAMA - "Guidepost to the New World" 2016

ENOC PEREZ - "Crystal House" 2016
THOMAS TROSCH - "One Day in the Life of Lovely Mars" 2008
KIM TAEHO - "Internal Rhythm" 2017
SAM FRANCIS - "Untitled" 1982

PATRICK JACOBS - "Double Fairy Ring with Dandelions" 2012

GROOMS - "Sailor Kelly" 1989
GENOVES - "Trio" 2016
MATTEO NEGRO - "Lego" 2017


EMMA BENNETT - "Some Days (a shadow)" 2016
ERIK THOR SANDBERG - "Harvest" 2017
FEDERICO SOLMI - "The Rotten Ones" 2017
KENT MONKMAN - "Casualties of Modernity" 2015

Brooklyn Museum

GILBERT STUART - "George Washington" 1796
FRITZ HENRY LANE - "Off Mount Desert Island" 1856
RALPH ALBERT BLAKELOCK - "Moonlight" 1885-89
FREDERICK CHILDE HASSAM - "Late Afternoon, New York, Winter" 1900
JOHN SINGER SARGENT - "Dolce Far Niente" 1907
JUDY CHICAGO - "The Dinner Party"


"Line and Curve" 1927
"Autumn Leaves" 1924
"2 Yellow Leaves" 1928
"Manhattan" 1932
"Pelvis II" - 1944
" Blue II" 1958
ANDY WARHOL - "Georgia O'Keeffe" 1980
PHILIP PEARLSTEIN - "Female Model on Platform Rocker" 1977-78
CLAUDE MONET - "The Islets at Port-Villez" 1897
HANS WERTINGER - "The Boar Hunt" 1525-30
VASILY VERESCHAGIN - "A Resting Place for Prisoners" - 1878-79
Who Paints a Snowstorm?? Wow!
BERNARDINO LUNI - "Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels" mid-16th cent.
BACKGROUND: JOAN SEMMEL - "Intimacy-Autonomy" 1974

DAY 2: Frick Collection, Abyssinian Baptist Church, Studio Museum of Harlem.

Frick Collection

Favorite room was the Boucher room, and house architecture and the Vermeer paintings. Very nice collection - especially the complete volumes of art inspired books in the library.

Abyssinian Baptist Church

Established in 1808 the First Baptist Church of New York City form a church in lower Manhattan and was located there until 1854. Then relocated to Greenwich Village until 1922 when they purchased and built this Gothic and Tudor-style churck in 1992 for a total cost of $334,888.86.

Studio Museum of Harlem

Founded in 1968, the Studio Museum of Harlem displayed art and also supported artists and art education. It is internationally known for the promotion of works of artist of African dese

BRAD TRENT - "The Federation of Black Cowboys - Arthur" 2016
BRAD TRENT - "The Federation of Black Cowboys - 'Mama' Kesha Morse" 2016
BRAD TRENT - "The Federation of Black Cowboys - 'Mountain Man; Ellis Harris" 2016
BLENN LIGON - "I Found My Voice" 1990
ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG - "What Do The Panthers Stand For?" 1970
MELEKO MOKGOSHI - "Walls of Casbah" 2010-2012
DEVIN ALLEN - "A Beautiful Ghetto" series 2015
DEVIN ALLEN - "A Beautiful Ghetto" series 2015
ALICE ATTIE - "Untitled" from "Harlem on the Verge" 2001
FRANK BOWLING - "Blond Betsey" 1976
EJ HILL - "Surrendered" 2016

DAY 3: DIA Beacon

Founded in New York City in 1974, DIA Beacon was founded to help artists achieve projects that might not otherwise be possible due the scale or scope of the art. The museum focuses on collecting in-depth works of artists of the 1960s and 1970s. In May 2003, the foundation purchased and opened the Beacon, NY location in a former Nabisco box printing factory.

LAWRENCE WEINER - "Five Figures of Structure" 1987
LAWRENCE WEINER - "Five Figures of Structure" 1987
LAWRENCE WEINER - "Five Figures of Structure" 1987
MICHAEL HEIZER - "North, East, South, West" 1967
ROBERT IRWIN - "Excursus: Homage to the Square3" - 1998
AGNES MARTIN - "The Spring" 1958
ROBERT RYMAN - "Untitled" 1960
ROBERT RYMAN - "Untitled" 1960
DAN FLAVIN - "Untitled" 1963
DAN FLAVIN - "Untitled" 1963
DAN FLAVIN - "Untitled" 1963

DAY 4: Statue of Liberty, National Museum of American Indian, Trinity Church, St. Paul's Chapel, Woolworth Building & 911 Memorial, Plaza Hotel, Trump Tower, Tiffany's

Statue of Liberty Tour

Original torch to be displayed in the new addition that is in development and will be complete in 2019.
Propaganda to support installation of t he statue in New York.

National Museum of American Indian

Completed in 1907, the 7 story structure with 450,000 square fee of space covered three block in lower Manhattan. The interior features a seaport themed ceiling depicting ships entering the New York harbor painted by Reginald Marsh (1898-1954)

$3500 Native American beaded Jewelry?
Carved wood statue for the front of a ship - features real hair.
Bush Dog inspired pottery.
Very innovative and functional works of art.

911 Museum

The Museum tells the story of 9/11 through interactive technology, archives, narratives and a collection of artifacts. Learn about the two core exhibitions and see other areas of the 110,000 square feet of museum space.

SPENCER FINCH - "Watercolor on Paper" 2014. Artwork of 2,983 individual watercolor drawings by people who tried to remember the color of the sky on September 11, 2001.
Original staircase from one of the towers.
The Spire from the top of the building.
Firetruck recovered from the debris.
Support beams recovered from debris.
Beam folded in have 180 degrees from the weight of the impact.
Slurry wall as the foundation to keep the water out of the basement.
Foundation from North Tower
STEPHANE SEDNAOUI - "Witness at Ground Zero" Sept. 12-16, 2001
Central Park
Central Park
LIZ GLYNN - Doris C. Freedman Plaza of Central Park
LIZ GLYNN - Doris C. Freedman Plaza of Central Park
Trump Tower
Plaza Hotel and carriages.
Flat Iron Building

Trinity Church

Built in 1752, and rebuilt in 1776 following the Great Fire during the Revolutionary War. Many historical people worshiped here and it contains the grave of Alexander Hamilton in the small cemetery.

Alexander Hamilton's Grave

St. Paul's Chapel

DAY 5: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Founded in 1870, The Met presents over 5,000 years of art from around the years. It was the History Channel on steroids!

Reliquary Cross - Made in Italy 1366. Shelters a fragment of wood believed to derive from the True Cross.
FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT - "Little House Living Room" Wayzata, MN 1912-14
CHARLES EAMES - "DCW Side Chair", 1946
JACOPO BAROZZI DA VIGNOLA - "The Farnese Table" 1507.
BACHIACCA (VERDI) - "Madonna and Child" - Early 1520's
PETER PAUL RUBENS - "Rubens, His Wife Helena Fourment and Their Son Frans" 1635
JOHANNES VERMEER - "Young Woman with a Water Pitcher" - 1662
JAN STEEN - "Merry Company on a Terrace" - 1670
REMBRANDT - "Bellona" - 1633
JAN VAN GOYEN - "Castle by the River" 1647
JACOB VAN RUISDAEL - "Landscape with a Village in the Distance" 1646
JULIES BASTIEN-LEPAGE - "Joan of Arc" 1879
EUGENE DELACROIX - "The Abduction of Rebecca" - 1846
FRANCOIS JOSEPH NAVEZ - "The Massacre of the Innocents" - 1824
ROSA BONHEUR - "The Horse Fair" 1852-55 NOTE: it was uncommon for a woman to be a painter at this time. The work caused quite a stir amount present day artist and was requested to be on display in the royal palace. In order for Rosa to study the art, she had to dress as a lad sneak out to attend the local horse auctions to make her sketches.
EDGAR DEGAS - "The Dance Class" 1874
EDGAR DEGAS - "The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer" - 1880
CLAUDE MONET - "Chrysanthemums", 1882
CLAUDE MONET - "Garden at Sainte Andrene", 1867
CLAUDE MONET - "Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies" - 1899
VINCENT VAN GOGH - "Wheat Field with Cypresses", 1889
CLAUDE MONET - "Water Lilies", 1919
PABLO PICASSO - "Woman in White", 1923
CAMILLE PISSARRO - "The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning", 1897
JACKSON POLLOCK - "Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), 1950
WILLEM DE KOONING - "Easter Monday", 1955-56
WILLEM DE KOONING - "Attic", 1949
ANSELM KIEFER - "Bohemia Lies by the Sea", 1996
PABLO PICASSO - "Still Life with a Bottle of Rum", 1911

DAY 6: AIGA, High Line, Chelsea Market, Strand Bookstore, Forbidden Planet, Jerry's Art Supplies, Union Square

Publicis Life Brands - 1 Penn Plaza

DAY 7: St. Patrick's Cathedral, Christie's, MoMA, Morgan Library, Whitney Museum of American Art

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral cornerstone was laid in 1858 and opened in 1879. It is the only Catholic church in the U.S. to have hosted 5 Popes.


HUANG ZHOU - "Five Donkeys", 1925

Museum of Modern Art

JAMES ROSENQUIST - "F-111", 1964-5
LE BOEUF SUR LE TOIT - "The Cacodylic Eye", 1921
PEINTURE - "Flowerpot", 1924
VINCENT VAN GOGH - "The Starry Night", 1889
GEORGES-PIERRE SEURAT - "Evening Honfleur", 1886
VASILY KANDINSKY - "Picture with an Archer", 1909
MARCEL DUCHAMP - "Bicycle Wheel", 1951
MARCEL DUCHAMP - "In Advance of the Broken Arm", 1951
JOHN COVERT - "Ex Act", 1919
HENRI MATISSE - "La Serpentine", 1909
MARCOS GRIGORIAN - "Untitled", 1963
ANDY WARHOL - "Water Heater", 1961
LEE BONTECOU - "Untitled", 1961
RICHARD AVEDON - " George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star", 1967
ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG - "Sky Garden from Stoned Moon Series", 1969

Morgan Library

FRANCOIS BOUCHER - "The Milliner", 1746
JACQUES CALLOT - "Temptations of St. Anthony", 1635
EMILY DICKINSON - "Herbarium", 1839
"Paten & Chalice" - Spain or Germany (16th Century)
STRAVINSKY - "Petrouchka", 1910
Seals in Akkadian style
Two Spoons from 250-300 A.D. - Gallo-Roman Style

Whitney Museum of American Art

GERALD MURPHY - "Cocktail", 1927
JOANNE VERBERG - "Missing Children", 1988
LEIDY CHURCHMAN - "Tallest Residential Tower in the Western Hemisphere", 2015
THEODORE ROSZAK - "Portrait (the artist's wife)", 1951
WILLIEM DE KOONING - "Woman and Bicycle", 1952-3
PAUL SAUL - de Kooning's "Woman and Bicycle", 1976
MARTIN WONG - "Closed", 1984-5
SUSAN ROTHENBERG - "Tuning Fork", 1980

DAY 8: Eastern States Buddhist Temple, Mahayana Temple, New Museum & Galleries

Buddhist Temples


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