PLOGGA is a Swedish concept that stands for pick up trash and jog. Day by day we have seen our Swedish streets and woods piled up with trash. We had to do something about it! So we created the popular movement based upon that our running friends shared the same passion for keeping our environment clean. PLOGGA also became one of 38 official new Swedish words of 2017.

If we don’t act now, our seas will contain more plastic than fish already 2050 as much as 85% of all trash littered on earth will end up in our seas.

This is how many years it takes for mother earth to decompose each item:


Our vision is to make a change in mindset. Do not litter!

So lets start by showing all that it's not a dirty job to pick up trash, it's actually pretty satisfying. And by adding physical activity there are two smart things added into one.


To pick up trash and jog is the basic concept. But to be honest it's ok to walk, paddle, skateboard, bicycle and so on. The people of today are becoming more and more sedentary and we need to make a change there as well. So the combo of securing that no plastic waste enters our seas and daily exercise is a blast!


In Sweden we started out with some true running fans that was easy to reach out to as the PLOGGA founder himself (Erik Ahlström) is the godfather of Trailrunning in Sweden. Them setting up PLOGGA events all over Sweden made other Swedes take part in the concept and themselves becoming PLOGGA ambassadors.

We created an easy to handle PLOGGA guide on how to step by step creating a successful PLOGGA event and here we are now with a national wide concept that has a 75% knowledge among the Swedish population.


We are now entering a phase with international requests of how to PLOGGA. Easy to handle easy to do. Make contact with us and we will walk you through the steps on how to succeed.


The media coverage in Sweden has been incredible huge. So were ever setting up a PLOGGA event, don't forget to make contact with your local TV channel, Daily newspaper, trailforum and so on. You will be seen as a true hero!


PLOGGA is a noon profit organization that needs the support from you, companies and organizations to continue our path to a clean world. Contact us at for more info.





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Linnea Härjerud

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