Middle-Aged teen


Middle-Aged Teen is about Mark, a teen who experiences symptoms of what its like to be a middle-aged man. When he is dragged out to a party by his friends, he feels as though he does not fit in with the "young people" of today. Whether it be through music, technology, or pop culture as a whole, Mark just can't seem to fit in. As the night goes on and his attempts at fitting in become unsuccessful, he goes outside. There he meets likeminded Cindy. The two almost instantly connect. When Mark asks for Cindy's phone number, she says she doesn't have a cellphone. Cindy then proceeds to show him the pen and paper she keeps in her back pocket.


(from left to right) Oliver Daniel as Mark, Helen Ho as Avery, Leah Jadd as Erin, Barbara Athanasoulas as Cindy

Mood Board

The top half are just colours that I wanted to use. The bottom half to help depict what the main characters (Mark and Cindy) would look like.



Created with images by smailies - "tie green festive"

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