Hard Times Should Not Be Faced Alone A person going through a hard patch in life shouldn't have to feel isolation from a world full of communication.

This Graphic I designed is meant to portray that if everyone were to unite as one. The dark times that life brings can easily be blind sided by love and utter kindness.
Here is an info graphic based on the numbers I collected from a survey I conducted on 143 students at PRHS.

For some individuals life is infused with a diverse amount of hardships because they may or may not receive solace nor support from others. In an article titled Depression In Teens, by the MHA organization they state ‘’It’s not unusual for young people to experience ‘the blues’ or feel ‘down in the dumps’ occasionally. Adolescence is always an unsettling time, with the many physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that accompany this stage of life’’. Therefore it is not rare for someone to not be at ease at one point in their life. 143 responses to the question ‘’have you been through a hard time?’’ and of those replies 113 people said they've been through a hard time. From those numbers, you can speculate that individuals here and there have struggled with hard times or are struggling with misfortune. The common person who goes through times like these deserve to have someone to pick them up. A simple smile or ‘’compliment’’ can brighten the mood of an individual; happy or unhappy. The little things that take no effort in doing, but from the kindness within you can make a change in a person’s life. Heck if you feel like being extra nice go ahead and ‘’bake them some cookies’’. 43.3% of the 143 individuals who took the survey I conducted have comforted someone who has gone through depression, anxiety, or any kind of mental or physical issue about 3 times and so forth. Not only does that show that there is humans who have a hard time going for them, but it also shows that there is people who are out there comforting, consoling, and genuinely helping others. That is the kind of thing that makes this place we live in easier to dwell in. ‘’From the ups and downs in life. Life can be compared to a rollercoaster’’, says Cindy James. Life can be ever so beautiful in ways that can or cannot be described. With that being said, life can also be miserable, and tragic. A couple or several of people can be completely opposed from the fact that someone should always have someone at their time of need. Only because they can be independent and not need anyone. For instance, Vanessa Renteria says that, ‘’it depends on the person’’ towards the question ‘’How many people do you think it takes to make someone happy?’’. Everyone has a different way of life and in most cases it ‘’depends on the person’’ as to what the desire, want, or the way they process things. 86 individuals out of 143 say that it takes about 1-2 people to make someone happy and 46 out of 143 say it depends on the person. People here and there go unnoticed causing them to be isolated from a world full of communication, resulting in loneliness, and could cause such things as depression and sadness. Everyone should start noticing people you might not normally notice. To be nice to anyone; doesn't matter who. It could cause so much change. Only because you never know what goes on in a person's brain or what they could be going through. Go out and make an impact in this world we live in because there is always room for improvement. Make someone smile today because at the end of the day we all deserve to be happy.

I wanted to make my photographs as raw as possible. Some of them I wanted black and white and some of them I wanted full color or have something in color yet the background or person black and white. I did this to resemble a dark and light contrast based on my story revolving on simple kind acts that have a great impact. Individuals I photographed: Ciara Rivera, Danny Perez, Hannah Hagen, and Cindy Jaimes.

Thank you for previewing my story.

Have a great day :)

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Luis Salas

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