Gurumu Boxing Technique And Fitness Coaching In Schools Chad Naidu

We live in a time dominated by technology, where young adults spend their free time taking selfies on smartphones and plugged into their Xbox or PlayStation. In 2007–08, one-quarter of all Australian children, or around 600,000 children aged 5–17 years, were overweight or obese. We need to do something to save our children. To show them there is another way.

Sadly, way back in 1962 boxing in schools was banned, but thankfully it started being reintroduced in 2007 in the U.K (under the supervision of the Amateur Boxing Association of England). Within just 3 years it was re-available in over a third of secondary schools – such a positive step for the future health of our young people

Why? Boxing is the toughest sport around. You can’t box half-heartedly. Boxing training is high impact, high intensity – burning fat and increasing fitness.

And boxing works your mind too. Learning punch combinations and footwork drills makes you focus and think ahead. Bag training increases muscle strength and power, improves hand-eye coordination, timing and body positioning. Boxing is a physical adventure, with an added bonus – you learn a true skill. It’s not the same as going to a fitness class, or going for a run. Boxing never gets boring or taken for granted. You can learn to box at any age and the training never has to stop. No-one has to box competitively, but everyone can benefit from boxing training.

Boxing improves concentration, self disicpline, provides stress relief, makes you calmer and increases self-confidence. It’s a game changer.

With these few simple facts in mind, it’s easy to see why one of our oldest and dearest sports remains so popular and why it’s enthusiasts are so keen to bring back boxing in schools.

Some words from the heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua As Anthony Joshua, Olympic Gold Medalist put it, ‘ Years ago there used to be boxing in schools which would help with discipline, self-defence and confidence ….. I’d love to see boxing brought back into schools in some form. It doesn’t have to be sparring or full contact boxing. Pad work, skipping, drills, bag work – they’re all good for encouraging better behavior and better ways of living your life. Boxing has helped me with discipline. It has really shaped me and made me the man I am today’.

As Anthony Joshua stated ‘It teaches you right from wrong but also what hard work is really about. If you want something you have to work hard and put the hours in, not just expect it to happen. You get out what you put into life.’

Michael Loup an amateur boxer and ABA champion from the U.K with 19 fights and 16 wins is Chads latest boxing prospect, Michael quotes '' Chad has been coaching me for the last 4 weeks and I have felt tremendous progress in terms of my boxing ability, strength, co-ordination, agility and focus. Chad is able to provide me with top quality coaching sessions that change as the days go by and he is able to motivate me with his positive mindset.

Chad Naidu ( master trainer/director ) has some impressive honors within his MMA and boxing background consisting of; London Amateur ABA Boxing Champion, National ABA Champion, Professional Boxing Champion, WKA World & European Kickboxing Champion, WKA English & British Thai Boxing Champion, WKA British Full contact Champion, 5Time British Taekwondo Champion, British K1 Champion, Professional MMA Fighter.

Call 0415 803 985 ( Chad Master Trainer/ Director ) to get in touch if you are interested in us arranging a meeting with your school to start a regular coaching regime today!


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