Are College Athletes Over-Worked? home Work, class, training, playing; where's their cut?

Major NCAA athletes have to practice for hours before and after class in order to be the strongest, fastest, and most intelligent players that they can be. They train and are treated like professionals and deserve to receive income like professionals.

Major college athletes have to work in their sport, but they also have to work just as hard in the classroom. The athletes are expected to keep a high grade-point average in order to be eligible to play for their school.

All of the practices, games, classes, and homework result in the athlete to have virtually no time to have a job to make money, or have a social life and see their friends.

Major college athletes have to travel all over the country in order to play games against other schools. Traveling can take its toll by making the athlete tired and takes a large amount of time away from the athlete. This toll could be eased by payment.


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