Mountain Taishan By: Mikhail, Ronald and Dylan

  • Located near the yellow sea (between China and Korea)
  • Chosen after eliminating the Stockholm Archipelago of Sweden
  • Signifies Birth and Renewal, as well as something steady or strong
  • 5069 feet tall, however, some claim 5029 feet tall
  • A tilted fault-block mountain, being higher in the south
  • Known for its extremely low mineral content
  • The site has lofty peaks, deep valleys, magnificent waterfalls, enchanting rocks and extremely old cinder trees
  • The mountain is mostly made up of magnetized, sedimentary and metamorphic rock
  • Vegetation cover 79.9% of the region
  • Han Dynasty Cypresses - 2100 years old - planted by Emperor Wu Di
  • Tang Chinese Scholar Tree - 1300 years old
  • Sophora Japonica - 1300 years old
  • Welcoming Guest Pine - 500 years old
  • Fifth-rank Pine - 500 years old

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